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How to Get a Girl's Phone Number

Learn how to get a girl's number from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: Christopher Brown/Flickr


Alright, guys, this is how to get a girl's number from my perspective as a woman. And maybe this isn't every woman's perspective, but you need to just ask for it. It's all about the guy taking the initiative. And for whatever it's worth, you know, in this feminist movement and everybody's. you know, taking control of their lives, we still want to be chased. So we need you to take the initiative, ask for the number.

But do it with a purpose. So if you're just going to ask for a number like just so I can have it and add it to your Rolodex that's not going to work. What you need to do is ask for it so that you can make other arrangements, make some plans. You know. Say I'd like to take you somewhere, you know, let's grab coffee, can I get your number? So make sure that there's something tied into it so that she has a reason to give it to you. If you're just asking for it to give her a call on a random Saturday night when you're lonely it's not going to work.

Sometimes a girl will just give you her number. And I think if a girl is giving you her number, you know, she wants you to do something with it. So typically, in my perspective women don't just give out their information unless they're actually interested. Unless it's a wrong number. Then you're not going to get anywhere with it anyway.

So if you get a real number with a real voicemail attached to it you got lucky, so don't screw it up. Always call. Okay. So, if you get a phone number from a girl always call. If you get her voicemail leave the voicemail.

But, there's one caveat to that. If you're one of those people that gets like really nervous about it, or she's really intimidating, and you think that you're just going to just ramble on for 40 minutes like in "Swingers" don't do it. Hang up and then send a text message, you know, I tried you, give me a call when you get a chance. So then you can actually have control over what you're saying without losing control in the voicemail. You know who you are. If you are leaving a voicemail that doesn't make any sense and it's going to make you sound like a crazy person no one's going to call you back. So you might as well hang up and send a text.

If you've left a weird voicemail and you know that you did then do not call back and then leave an apologizing voicemail message, because then you're just sounding really crazy. Give it like 24 hours. And be like, listen, I, you know. Blame it on a cocktail or lack of sleep, or too much coffee. And then send a text message. But please stop leaving voicemails.

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