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2 Key Flirting Techniques for Guys

Learn how to flirt with girls from dating expert Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: Macnolete/Flickr


Alright, guys. This is all about dating from a woman's perspective and this video is about how to flirt. Which could literally take an hour or three days to try to explain.

But it really comes down to one thing, it's all about making the other person feel good about themselves, and women, you know us, we're a little emotional at times, and sometimes we need to be told that we're pretty or that we smell nice or we're funny. So it's all about bringing that out in them. So flirting is pretty basic, it's making somebody else feel good about themselves. So take something in their daily lives or something in the environment, and give them a compliment. It's as easy as that.

So no matter who the woman is, no matter what she looks like, there is something positive that you can bring out, and you can tell her, and it's all about expressing that. So that's kind of the basics of how to flirt. More flirting tips is all about touch. If you're really into a girl, and it's not like that kind of touch, I mean, let's not get crazy here. You need to express that you're interested in somebody and a lot of people can have a great conversation and feel like you're connecting, but you're not sure. Are we on a friend level or are we on a flirtatious level? It's all about finding a non-creepy way to connect with her. So touching her shoulder or grabbing her hand or something to try to make the point while you're having a conversation, that's the way to do it. I'm not talking about like grabbing her leg at this point.

That comes later. So into the compliment zone and then add a couple of non-creepy touches in there, and now you're flirting.

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