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How to Get into Middle School Cheerleading

Learn how to get into middle school cheerleading from expert Alexis in this Howcast video


Cheerleading is an awesome way to stay in shape, support your teams, have a lot of fun, and meet some new friends. Here's how to make the squad. Start by finding an older girl who's been on the team before. She can teach you some of the squad's most popular cheers, so you'll feel extra prepared when you're going into your tryout.

Once you know the cheers, practice, practice, practice, and then practice more. You want to walk in there feeling like you can nail absolutely every single move, no problem, with your eyes closed, in your sleep, whatever it takes. Be confident. Smile. In your tryout, you want to be loud, be peppy, be energetic, and show them that you're going to be the best cheerleader they've ever seen. Be nice. Be friendly. When you go in there, remember that they're auditioning not just another member to their squad, but a teammate, someone they're going to be spending time with. So you want them to see that you can nail the moves, but also that you'd be awesome to hang out with. If you don't make the team, that's OK. It's not the end of the world, because you can absolutely try again next year. Maybe you need a little more practice. Maybe you need a little more confidence. Maybe you just need to be more energetic. Whatever it is, you have a whole year to figure it out.

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