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How to Decorate Your Locker in Middle School

Learn how to decorate your middle school locker from expert Alexis in this Howcast video.


  • Step 1: Create a personal touch Hang up your school schedule. Add stickers and color-coding for a personal touch, customize your locker according to your favorite hobbies.
  • Step 2: Create order Keep everything in order with locker shelves or holders.
  • Step 3: Add photos Add photos of friends or your favorite celebrities.


Your locker at school is your home away from home, and it can be so fun to decorate. When I was in fifth grade, I actually remember being really excited because sixth grade was the year we got lockers. So I spent all this time making sure all of my pictures looked good and adding fun things so that it looked absolutely how I wanted it to look.

Here's how to keep yours neat, organized, and looking awesome. Start by keeping everything in order. That means getting a locker shelf and a magnetic pencil holder. That way all your books have a place to go, and you're never unprepared for class. Then add pictures of your friends or of your favorite celebrity crushes.

Next, to stay extra on top of your game, hang up your schedule. It might not be the coolest looking thing in your locker, so color code your classes or add some stickers, anything to make it yours and make it something that you want to open your locker and see. Don't be afraid to get creative with it. If you're a sports fan, add baseball cards or theme your locker with the colors of your favorite team. If you're a movie buff, ticket stubs or pictures from your favorite films are a great way to make sure that when
you are opening your locker, it's stuff that makes you happy.

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