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How to Deal with Fights in Middle School

Learn how to deal with middle school fights from expert Alexis in this Howcast video


Everybody gets into arguments, even absolutely in the best of friends.

I know that my friends and I have gotten into several arguments that honestly could have been completely avoided if we had just taken the time to talk it out and listen to one another.

If someone says something that really upsets you and you feel yourself kind of, you get that red face feeling and you get really angry, just try really hard to take a deep breath or count to ten. I know, you've heard that a thousand times from your parents, your teacher, your guidance counselor, whatever, but it's really good advice. It helps you take a second, calm down and figure out what you're going to say.

It's also important to listen to what the other person is saying. Even it they're saying it in a way that's really rude or really offensive, just hold back for a minute, listen to what they're saying and try and figure out why they're upset. A lot of times arguments are just miscommunications that get entirely blown out of proportion. Once you figure out what the other person is saying, you can figure out how to respond. And that's important too.

Think before you speak. You absolutely do not want to say something that you regret later. Especially if you're having a fight with one of your best friends since second grade of which I've had like 25. So make sure you're thinking before you speak. And thinking to yourself, am I saying this because I think it'll improve the situation or am I saying this to really hurt the other person? Cause that's an important distinction to make.

And finally, remember that you have the power to end this argument. If you listen and you talk it through and you try and just hold back and think about what you're saying, it'll be over before you know it.

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