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How to Learn Hip-Hop Dancing with Matt Steffanina

Learn about Matt Steffanina, one of Howcast's hip hop dance experts, in this video.


What's up! My name is Matt Steffanina, and I'm a dancer, choreographer, and instructor in Los Angeles, California. I actually started as a B-boy with floor work, windmills, tricks and all that. And it evolved into hip hop as I got older. I've danced in tours, music videos, TV shows, and movies.

I've danced with artists like Chris Brown, Snoop Dog, Busta Rimes, Lil Wayne, and on shows like "So You Think You Can Dance" and "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. My style includes everything from commercial hiphop to the old school funk styles to the new school animation, waving, tutting, and all the isolations.

Today I'm going to teach you guys how to shuffle, how to dance at a club as well as how to dance like some of your favorite celebrity dancers. For more information on me, you can go to, or check me out on Twitter at Matt Steffanina.

By the end of these tutorials, you'll know how to go out to the club and bust it out. So watch them, practice them, and let's get to it.

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