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How to Dance at a Middle School Event

Learn how to dance at a middle school event from expert Alexis in this Howcast video.


You're all dressed up, and you're ready to go. You've got your friends, and you guys get to the dance. Nobody's dancing.

Here's how to be the first one on the floor. Request a song that you guys totally love. One that you rock out to in the privacy of your own bedroom, you know when no one can see you, and you have the confidence to really go for it with those dance moves. See if he'll play it for you.

Get a group together. Even if you have a date, bring them too. Get your date, your date's friends, you, your friends, get in the circle, and just start dancing. It is so much easier to start if you're in a group because that way you don't feel like all the eyes are on you and everyone is staring at you criticizing your every dance move. They're not, even though I know it can feel like that.

Remember that you don't have to dance like you're in a music video to be a good dancer. I promise you that I dance absolutely nothing, like I'm in a music video, and I still have a lot of fun at dances or at parties.

One of the reason's why is because my friends and I made up our own dance a couple of years ago where we look more than a little bit ridiculous. Because it's our own moves, it's still fun. If you know what you're going to do, you'll be more confident and be ready to hit the dance floor.

It's okay to look a little bit ridiculous. That's what dancing is. Just get out on the dance floor. Don't worry about it, and have fun.

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