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How to Invite Someone to a Dance in Middle School

Learn how to invite someone to a middle school dance from expert Alexis in this Howcast video.


If you've got your eye on a special someone to take to the dance, go for it, but follow these tips to make sure that you get a 'yes'. Do it in person. That means no tweeting, no texting, no phone calls, no emails. Do it in person. Show them that you really wanna take them to the dance.

Second, don't do it in front of anyone. Look down the hallway, whatever you have to do to make sure that you're not making the other person uncomfortable, by doing it in front of a lot of people, and putting them on the spot. Be confident. Show them with your confidence what an awesome, fun date you would be to the dance. And if they say no, remember not to take it personally. There could be a number of reasons why they don't want to go with you, so don't worry about it.

And remember, if you can't find another date, take a friend with great dance moves. You'll still have a great time.

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