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How to Clean Your Room Fast

Learn how to clean your room fast from relationship expert Alexis in this Howcast video.


Sometimes your parents will say you can't go to the movies unless you clean your room, or maybe you just really need to clean it before you get to school. Here's some ways to help you clean up your room quickly. Start by taking a deep breath, and telling yourself you can accomplish this.

That's something I always struggling with when my room was a disaster. I'd look around and just feel like this is a hopeless endeavor and it's never going to get clean. If you take a second before you start to just kind of calmly go, you know what, I can really, I can really do this. It makes the whole process a lot easier.

Go category by category. For me my biggest issue is my clothing is always everywhere. So I start by picking up all my clothes and putting it away. If it's dirty it goes in the hamper, if it's clean it goes in the closet. If you do that your room probably all ready looks significantly better.

Next, focus on the trash. Is there paper everywhere, are there wrappers from things you don't need, throw it away. And then take the trash out of your room, again it probably looks a lot better after doing that too. Then figure out what's next, what's taking up all that space, what's making it look so messy.

Do you have a lot of books, magazines? Stack them up and put them in a corner, somewhere out of the way so that you can see your floor space. Follow those steps and you'll be at the movies in no time.

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