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What Is a Gigabit Router?

Learn what a gigabit router is from computer expert Yoav Erez in this Howcast video about wireless network technology.


Today I want to talk about gigabit routers. And gigabit routers are basically routers like any other router.The only difference is the speed of the ports that connect the computer that they work with. So, there are basically three speeds with ethernet cables these days: 10 megabit per second, 100 megabit per second, and 1000 megabit per second, also known as a gigabit. So, when we're talking about a gigabit router, what we're talking about is how fast the ports are on the router. Now, should you buy a gigabit router? Yeah, if you can afford it. They usually cost a little bit more, but they do provide better speed. But you're only gonna feel the speed if your computer has gigabit ethernet in it. If your computer only has 100 megabit ethernet, which is the standard today, then you're not really gonna see a difference between a gigabit router or a regular router. But if you are doing a lot of file sharing between your networks, or gaming, I would go the extra mile and get a gigabit router because the difference is slightly noticeable.

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