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What Is an IP Address?

Learn what an IP address is from computer expert Yoav Erez in this Howcast video about wireless network technology.


So today I want to talk about IP addresses and what they mean.

IP addresses are basically numbers that identify computers on a TCP/IP network. TCP/IP network is basically the most popular protocol for networking in the world right now, and it's how the Internet works. And the IP address is the number that identifies your computer on the internet, or on your local network. So even if you set up a home network with a router like this or you're just going on the Internet, you'll always have an IP address that tells you who you are in the network. So that other computers can relay to you. Because computers talk to each other by numbers.

An IP address is written down as four sets of numbers, not surpassing 255. So it'll look like for example, and you basically have two kinds of IP addresses. Internal IP addresses that are used inside your home network or office network, and outside IP addresses that are used in the world wide web.

Every website that you go to is basically a computer on the internet that has it's own IP address. So when you're typing in, what you're actually getting is a certain number associated with that name which identifies that computer on the world wide network.

If you want to know what your IP address is on the internet, there's actually a really simple way to find out. Simply go to Google and type in, "What's my IP?" There are many websites out who'll love to tell you what your public IP is so that other people can connect to you. So that's basically what an IP address is.

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