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How to Set Up a LAN Network

Learn the basics of how to set up a LAN network from computer expert Yoav Erez in this Howcast video about wireless network technology.


So today I'm going to talk to you about LAN setup basics.

And LAN is basically local area network. We're talking about a local TCP/IP network that connects all your computers to each other and to the Internet.

Now to do that I'm going to need something like this which is a router. This is a wireless router, but it's also a wired router which basically every wireless router is. You always have these four ports in the back that will connect to any computer or any networking devices you have that doesn't have wireless capability to it.

So I'm going to take a bunch of ethernet cables. And I'm going to use them to connect, first, to my Mac. And that goes right in here. And then, to my PC, and back here. Now this router is basically negotiating the connection between the Mac and the PC and allowing them to exchange information with each other.

The last thing I want to do is hook up my router to my cable modem so that I can get Internet. Now my cable modem is connected to my router giving it Internet, and my router is using that Internet and sharing it between all the computers that are on the network whether they're wired or wirelessly. I can also connect to this router my phone or my tablet and it just makes life a lot easier.

That's basically how a LAN works.

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