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What Is Computer Networking?

Learn what computer networking is from computer expert Yoav Erez in this Howcast video about wireless network technology.


So when we're talking about computer networking, what we're basically talking about is how computers interact with each other.

There are few standards for computer networking out there, but the main one that computers use on the Internet and on home networks everywhere is called TCP/IP. And without getting too technical, it basically means that it's a system where all the computers can talk to each other based on a set of numbers that identify them in a specific network.

When you have a network, you need a device that will distribute these IP addresses, that will give every computer that goes onto the network a number that identifies it. In most cases, these devices are routers, like this one right here. And as you can see, this router is plugged into both of my computers and both of my computers talk to the router, and we when they want to talk to each other, the router is what does the negotiating.

The router also connects both of these computers to the Internet and negotiates between our internal network and the world wide web, or the world network. The nice thing about TCP/IP is that it's very standardized as a protocol and it works just as well on Mac as it does on PCs. And you can even have a network that has multiple devices like Macs, and PCs and tablets and phones and many other devices that use the same protocol. As long as they all use the same standard.

And that's a little bit about how computer networks work.

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