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What Is Wi-Fi?

Learn what wi-fi is from computer expert Yoav Erez in this Howcast video about wireless network technology.


  • Step 1: Understanding WiFi Know what WiFi stands for: wireless fidelity. Understand that WiFi is used for wireless Internet connections via a WiFi router.
  • TIP: WiFi isn't as fast as cable Connecting through WiFi is generally not as fast as connecting through a cable.
  • Step 2: WiFi for multiple uses WiFi can also be used to connect devices in your home, such as other computers and printers.


When people say WiFi or wireless fidelity, what they usually mean is wireless internet. Now, wireless internet is how we access the internet using our computers, when we don't want to attach cable to them; for example, in an internet coffee shop or an airport, or even in our apartments.

It all starts from a device like this; a wireless router. This wireless router connects on one side to our modem, or to the internet, and then the other side, it gives us with these two little antennas, a radio signal that any computer or WiFi enabled device can connect to. It's not as fast as connecting through a cable, but for internet usages it's usually pretty good, and it can also be used to connect your devices to each other.

So, if you want to share a printer between your computers at home, or you want to share some files, WiFi is a pretty good way to do it without messing with cables, or drilling through walls, or going through the floors. You just buy a little router, you set up all your computers, and it just works.

That's what WiFi is.

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