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What Is the Best Wireless Internet Router?

Learn what is the best router from computer expert Yoav Erez in this Howcast video about wireless network technology.


So if you're in the market for a wireless router, you're probably asking yourself; Which is the best router out there? Well the truth is, just like anything else you might buy, it's all about how much money you put into it. If you invest more money, you'll probably get a better router, but you've got to ask yourself; Do you really need a better router?

So when buying a router, you have to think of three things that are important. One is; How many devices are you going to connect to this router?

The second is; How fast do you need this router to be?

And the third is; How far away do you need this router to reach, in terms of range, basically?

There are two kinds of routers out there, they use two kinds of standards; One is called the Wireless G, which is the more basic one and the more popular one, and the newer Wireless M. Now Wireless M will give you a little bit more speed and a little bit more range and truth is I would usually go for wireless M most of the time, because even though it costs a little bit more and even though your devices might not support it right now, wireless M is backwards compatible, so it will work on all your wireless G devices, but in the future, your devices might be wireless M; if you get a new laptop or a new iPad or a new computer. So it might be worth investing a few extra dollars on that better router.

Now the truth is, I usually prefer buying my routers online. When you go to the store you usually just get the larger brands, and those are not necessarily even the best. If you go online on websites like, Amazon or NewEgg, you usually get a lot more selection and better prices too. Now the last thing I would have to say about buying a router is additional features. Some routers have really, really cool features like USB ports in the back. So, sometimes you'll look at the back of the router and besides these Ethernet ports, there are pretty much standard in every router, you'll get USB ports. You can use those USB ports to connect a local printer or even a hard drive on your network directly and share files between the computers in your network. And those are basically a few tips about how to choose the best router for you.

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