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How to Do a through the Legs Layup Basketball Trick

Learn how to do a through the legs layup basketball trick from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.



Broadway, you know I like gettin' fancy out here on 'em. You know what I'm sayin', I'm out there doing the tricks right here, I got all the nice moves and stuff. I need some more moves for my belt, my artillery belt, my arsenal. Hook me up.

Artillery belt?

Yeah, you know, like Batman, he used to have the different things in his belt. I'm like Batman, man. But I don't wear a mask.


I don't.

That's not a mask?


This is my real face.

Okay, so here's what we're gonna do, we're gonna teach you a between the legs layup.

Oh, that's hot!


So when I'm skying to the basket I can be like, put it between my legs and like "Wooo." Can I?

See that? And then you go right between the legs, and lay it in. So we brought the expert in.

An expert?

Cease we don't want to just go out there telling people, willy nilly, about all things we can do, we bring an expert.

Really, where's the expert?

Right here. King Arthur, basketball royalty.

That's right, that's right. Bow down, your Highness.

So, the King is going to show us how to jump up, off of his left leg. Sky in the air, between his legs in midair, and lay the ball out with his right hand. All in one motion. You think it's possible?

I think, maybe, it could be.

Let's take it over to the court. Alright, Swoop, so now we're back on the court. Arthur's gonna show you, first, how to do a regular layup, going off his left leg.

Using the glass?

Using the glass. Regular layup, you see that? Now, he's gonna take it a little higher, and go to another step and go between his legs, on the move. He's going between his legs on the move. You see that? And he's going to make the layup. Now, he's going to put everything together. He's going to go between the legs, jumping off his left leg, opening up the right leg, puttin' the ball between yous and the glass, and giving a nice smooch, right there.

Getting fancy, baby, get fancy.


You know, Swoop, you don't try this stuff until you master how to do a layup first. First you want to get the good footwork, and make sure you have the proper technique. Notice King Arthur jumped off of his left leg, put that right knee up in the air. That's what allowed him to be able to go between his legs, shoot the ball off the backboard. And there you have it, the between the legs layup, with the expert, King Arthur, and the Swooper, aka The.

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