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How to Dunk over an Obstacle with a Basketball

Learn some tricks for dunking over obstacles from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


All right, boys and girls. We're turning it up yet again, to another level. Mr. 540, one of the highest fliers in America, in the world, in this galaxy, the universe. He is now going to take it to another level.

Now boys and girls, sometimes obstacles may come in your way. Alright? Don't become discouraged. Just dunk over it, all right? Mr. 540's going to show us how it's done right now. Okay?

Now remember, first thing you're going to need, is you're going to need a clearable obstacle. Alright? Don't bite off more than you can chew. Okay? That means don't try and jump over your mother's car, if you don't know how to dunk yet, okay? Make sure you can dunk over something first, before you try to dunk over something. Alright?

Mr. 540, I want you to try to dunk over me, sitting down, of course. Alright. Let's give it a shot. First and foremost, boys and girls, remember, practice safety first. Alright? First thing you're going to need is a very brave soul to jump over, and that's me. I'm not nervous at all. Alright Next thing, Mr. 540, dunking over obstacles.

Did it work? You did it? Wow. Now that is what I call a super slam dunk, and believe me or not, I wasn't nervous one bit.

Mr. 540, a high flier, showing us how to dunk over obstacles.

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