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How to Double Crossover Dribble Basketball Trick

Learn how to do the double crossover dribble basketball trick from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Man 1: Alright, Swoop.

Swoop: Yes.

Man 1: We're back at it again.

Swoop: Again!

Man 1: We're showing them the double cross over.

Swoop: Wait, wait. I already showed you the cross over. I definitely got the double one, because the double one is boom boom, boom boom. Eh, eh! Boom, boom!

Man 1: We want to show them the double cross over, go two times on them. You're going to cross and cross back. I don't know what that was that you were doing right there.

Swoop: I'm trying to work on my game.

Man 1: You got to let the experts do their jobs!

Swoop: Oh, and teach me.

Man 1: Yeah.

Swoop: Okay, let's go.

Man 1: If we was in dance class, you'd be teaching. Because you a dancer

Swoop: I am a dancer. A private dancer, dancing for money.

Man 1: Here we go, OK. Double cross over. Here comes the road runner cross over. Two times, back and forth. Right to left, left to right. Cross over Then when you get to be an expert like the roadrunner, you can do it really fast.

See that? See that? Damn. He's on the move.

Swoop: And that move really works?

Man 1: Obviously it works.

Swoop: Okay. I got to test it. I got to see the proof in the pudding, here.

Man 1: Hey, hey, hey. Swoop.

Swoop: What?

Man 1: This could be dangerous.

Swoop: No, no, no. Look. I got my LeBron's tied up nice.

Man 1: Nice, here we go.

Swoop: Okay, okay. Here we go.

Man 1: Double cross over.

Swoop: Do it again, do it again. That was fast. Do it again.

Man 1:You look good on defense though.

Swoop: I'm going to get this one.

Man 1: Get it, get it. Reach out there for it. Hey Swoop, you know what?

Swoop: Watch it.

Man 1: That's a cross up.

Swoop: Okay.

Man 1: You got crossed up.

Swoop: Oh.

Man 1: You got your ankles broken.

Swoop: Broken? But I got sneakers on.

Man 1: No, they're broken though. So, that's a double cross over with road runner. Keeping his head up, going on the move, going right to left, then back to his right hand. Keeping it under control. The double cross over.

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