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How to Make a Trick Basketball Pass

Learn how to make trick passes from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Speaker 1: Folks, once you've mastered the game of basketball, you know how to do your chest passes, your bounce passes. You know what, we like to, like I said, put some pizzazz on it. We got the expert here, Broadway. Big city, bright lights, the showman with the Harlem with us. He's going to show us some of that flair that you got, right?

Speaker 2: Who that?

Speaker 1: That's you, man, Broadway baby you know where you are man.

Speaker 2: Oh, yeah I see it I see it.

Speaker 1: That's right folks so check this out. Right now, Broadway. A trick pass, if you use any part of your body to knock that pass to your team mate, alright. So let's see what you got there Broadway.

Speaker 2: I can use any part of my body?

Speaker 1: Any part of your body.

Speaker 2: Damn, what about that? What about that one?

Speaker 1: Look at that right there, oh. That's a good pass.

Speaker 2: What about this one right here? Oh yeah look at that one.

Speaker 1: I like that one.

Speaker 2: Oh yeah, what about this one right here? Oh!

Speaker 1: Oh! These are great trick passes that you could do and you can be creative. Use any kind of passing you can think of. Maybe it's off the head, maybe elbows, biceps.

Speaker 2: It's all about trickery.

Speaker 1: All the trickery you can use.

Speaker 2: What about this one? Ohh!

Speaker 1: Got me with the fake. Put a fake in there, show those folks what you're doing and when you're out there on the playground one day, throw yourself a trick pass.

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