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How to Do the Rolling around the Arm Basketball Trick

Learn how to do a rolling around the arm basketball trick from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Speaker 1:All right, cool! We did our basics.

Speaker 2:Oh, man, is it trick time?

Speaker 1:It's trick time!

Speaker 2:You know I love the tricks, man!

Speaker 1:Yes, let's get tricky on them.

Speaker 2:Fancy on them.

Speaker 1:All right! Now. We are going to show them how to roll the ball around the arm.

Speaker 2:Right!

Speaker 1:Very simple stuff for us.

Speaker 2:OK!

Speaker 1:But for the people at home...

Speaker 2:Yes.

Speaker 1:We got to break it down.

Speaker 2:Yes, because they want to get fancy too.

Speaker 1:We got to let it get broke.

Speaker 2:Yes, yes, let them get...

Speaker 1:What I like to teach people is, first, you start with you right arm.

Speaker 2:Right arm.

Speaker 1:Put that ball right on your arm.

Speaker 2:Okay.

Speaker 1:And then, boom! If you just keep your arm still, that ball will roll right around your arm over to the other one. Keep the other one out.

Speaker 2:Nice! I like that man.

Speaker 1:Then, when you get a little nice and professional with it. It goes right around. We're going to let DP explain and show you how to roll the ball around your arm. He's got the ball then, and he just rolls it around his arm.

Speaker 2:Nice.

Speaker 1:He makes it look simple because he's been doing it for a while. See that, he can go either way with it. You can roll it that way or roll it back the other way. You can keep going back and forth. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Speaker 2:What is this man?

Speaker 1:You can even try it too.

Speaker 2:Let me see. I'm going here. I'm going, oh...

Speaker 1:...Yes!

Speaker 2:...that. Did you see that? That's my favorite part.

Speaker 1:Yes!

Speaker 2:I love them tricks! I love them tricks! I love it!

Speaker 1:Yes!

Speaker 2:I love dance music.

Speaker 1:You've been practicing.

Speaker 2:I have.

Speaker 1:As you can see, that's the simple way to do it, but if you want to get that thing to keep on moving, you got to kind of have a little bit of rhythm...

Speaker 2:...Right.

Speaker 1:And then work the ball a little bit.

Speaker 2:Okay.

Speaker 1:You see that? You see how my arm moves like that?

Speaker 2:Right.

Speaker 1:Simply, start with that ball there and then roll it around.

Speaker 2:Right.

Speaker 1:What I try to do, what I tell people, start with one rotation.

Speaker 2:Right.

Speaker 1:Get the one rotation down, nice and simple, but then, as you get better, try two, and then, try three, and then, you get better at it.

Speaker 2:Nice.

Speaker 1:So try it. Swoop.

Speaker 2:Okay, so now I'm here.

Speaker 1:One rotation.

Speaker 2:I roll it around my arm one time?

Speaker 1:One time. Again, one time again.

Speaker 2:One time around.

Speaker 1:There. Now try two.

Speaker 2:Wow, one and then two. One and two, now I get to three. One two, three, four, five...

Speaker 1:Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! You won't be able to show off.

Speaker 2:Goodness. Don't hide the tricks man!

Speaker 1:Yeah.

Speaker 2:I love it. Fancy. Yes.

Speaker 1:You're fancy, huh?

Speaker 2:I'm fancy.

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