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How to Hit Off Your Head & In the Basket with a Basketball

Learn how to do an off your head and into the basket basketball trick from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Eric 'Broadway' Jones: Swoop.

Dwayne 'Swoop' Simpson: Yes

Eric: This is your favorite part.

Swoop: What you got, what you got for me?

Broadway: This is the trick session.

Swoop: Oh you got some more tricks for me.

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Swoop: How about some trick shots, some trick shots?

Eric: Yeah, yeah, yeah we going to teach you a new trick shot.

Swoop: Okay. Because my uncle, you know, he got the trick shots and keeps beating me at HORSE, I need some new ones to beat him.

Eric: What's your uncle's name?

Swoop: My uncle um...

Eric: Rufus?

Swoop: No, no, no Wesley.

Eric: Oh. Wesley.

Swoop: Of the Gilburgs. [indecipherable 00:00:37]

Eric: Okay. So we're going to teach you the off the head trick shot.

Swoop: Oh Okay.

Eric: Off the heezy.

Swoop: Off the heezy?

Eric: Facheezy.

Swoop: What do I need for this though?

Eric: You need a head.

Swoop: Oh.

Eric: You've got one of those.

Swoop: It's a hard head too.

Eric: So what you're going to do is you're going to throw that ball up...

Swoop: And hit on my head?

Eric: Go right off your head. And it's going to go in the basket. You can hot it off the back board after you hit it off your head.

Swoop: Okay. So hit it off your head, off the board, and then boom.

Eric: Yeah.

Swoop: Okay.

Eric: So that's what we're going to do.

Swoop: Okay.

Eric: All right cool. So we're going to bring in somebody to help us out.

Swoop: Who's going to help us out man?

Eric: Who else?

Swoop: Who?

Eric: Who you think?

Swoop: The expert?

Eric: Yes.

Swoop: Who is he?

Eric: Right here!

Swoop: Where?

Eric: The King....

Swoop: Arthur!

Eric: Down with the King, we're down with the king.

Swoop: I can do that 90's dance to hip hop, did you know that?

Eric: No.

Swoop: I was, yeah. I used to dance like Koo Mou Dee. I had a nice little hat and it was hot.

Eric: Yeah?

Swoop: Because I loved it.

Eric: Let's go to the court.

Swoop: Okay. Let's go.

Eric: So Swoop, we got the expert here, King Arthur. He's going to show us, he's going to throw that ball right up, then he's going to lean his head back a little bit...

Swoop: Yeah.

Eric: Lean back, lean back, oh...

Swoop: Oh. My people don't dance we just [indecipherable 00:01:43] ] do the Rockaway, uh!

Eric: Uh!

Swoop: I got you where you from right? BX! Yeah! Am I allowed to do that even though I'm not from the BX?

Eric: It's all good.

Swoop: Oh good because I'm with you?

Eric: You're like a transplant.

Swooop: Okay.

Eric: Alright. So he's going to lean back, throw that ball right over his head, then once he hits it off his head it's going to go right up there and in the basket.

Swoop: Off the backboard, he gets it?

Eric: One take, yeah, he'll get it right in.

Swoop: Oh, Okay. I gotta see this thing, come on. Ohhh!

Eric: Ohhh! Snap, you see that?

Swoop: Yeah he didn't even use the backboard on that joint, straight in!

Eric: Straight in! Swish!

Swoop: That guy is good, man.

Eric: Yeah. Swishin' edition man. Glider and shriding.

Swoop: Oh, I like it.

Eric: Because you love the joker.

Swoop: I love it!

Eric: Yeah, you like it. I love it.

Swoop: No, I love it.

Eric: I'm loving it.

Swoop: I like it.

Eric: That's like McDonald's.

Swoop: Yeah. I like chicken nuggets, I like chicken nuggets.

Eric: You do?

Swoop: Don't tell the people though.

Eric: Okay.

Swoop: Yeah, it's my, it's my bad thing.

Eric: Okay. So here we go swoop there you have it. That's the off the head.

Swoop: Off the head.

Eric: Off the heezy facheesy.

Swoop: Off the heezy facheezy! Yes.

Eric: Throwing it up, hitting it off the head, lean back, right in the basket.

Swoop: Nice. I love that stuff.

Eric: Yeah, that's how you like it, the tricks.

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