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How to Make a Granny Shot in Basketball

Learn how to make a granny shot from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Eric: Alright so we are moving on to something a little bit more tricky.

Dwayne: What do we got here?

Eric: Trick shots

Dwayne: I love trick, you know I like the tricky stuff right?

Eric: Yeah, yeah you're very tricky. So what we are going to do is called the granny shot

Dwayne: Oh, the granny shot yeah

Eric: Super duper Rick Barry style, but it's not going to be close.

Dwayne: No, how far is it?

Eric: We are going to move to 3/4 court. Opposite foul line, all the way down to the other end.

Dwayne: And you can make that shot?

Eric: I can't make it.

Dwayne: Who's gonna make it?

Eric: The expert.

Dwayne: Ah the expert.

Eric: D P. He's gonna shoot the old granny shananny.

Dwayne: From 3/4 court?

Eric: 3/4 court all the way down. So without me doing too much talking, I'm gonna let him do what he does. He will
make it on one try. He's good.

Dwayne: Let's see it then.

Dwayne: Wow.

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