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How to Do a Backwards 3-Pointer Basketball Trick

Learn how to do a backwards 3-pointer basketball trick from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Speaker 1: Alright, Swoop.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: We're moving on to expert level now.

Speaker 2: Expert level, we're doing the trick stuff, right?

Speaker 1: This is the truck stuff.

Speaker 2: You know I like the tricks now.

Speaker 1: Yeah you know, but you got to first, master the fundamentals.

Speaker 2: That's right, that's right.

Speaker 1: You want to be able to knock down a regular three point shot first before you move on to the tricks.

Speaker 2: Yes.

Speaker 1: So you want to work on your form and getting that follow through up there. It's the same way for a backwards three point shot. You want to get a form and a follow through backwards.

Speaker 2: Okay, let's see that.

Speaker 1: You see that?

Speaker 2: And you can make that shot from the three point line?

Speaker 1: Yeah, you don't even have to look.

Speaker 2: Oh really?

Speaker 1: Well, not you. Not you.

Speaker 2: Oh. Not me?

Speaker 1: If you don't look you might break something.

Speaker 2: Oh, okay. Well you know, I'm talented you know. I got skills.

Speaker 1: Break yourself. Yeah, but you want to let the expert handle what they do.

Speaker 2: Okay, well let's see what you got. He's a Harlem Wizard let's see what you got.

Speaker 1: This the roadrunner.

Speaker 2: Oh, the roadrunner.

Speaker 1: He's going to shoot the backwards three pointer.

Speaker 2: Oh, well let's see it.

Speaker 1: Here we go.

Speaker 2: Oh man, this is going to be good man now watch this one. Up in the air.

Speaker 1: That's how you do it, Swoop.

Speaker 2: It's pretty good, man.

Speaker 1: You see that? He didn't even look!

Speaker 2: He's talented, man. He's talented.

Speaker 1: He is nothing but net. NBN, nothing but nylon, baby.

Speaker 2: I got to give it up for you man, he's hot.

Speaker 1: That's how you do it. You knock down the backwards three point shot, don't even look, but you can even have follow through going backwards. There you have it, the backwards three point shot with the roadrunner. Right over your head. No look, over the rainbow, over the moon, nothing but net, right in.

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