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How to Do a Bounce Off Floor to Backboard Basketball Trick

Learn how to do the bounce off floor to backboard basketball trick from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Now, we're gonna get to some trick shots. Now, everybody loves trick shots. It's like a phenom, right now, that's going online about trick shots. And I'm gonna teach you to do a couple, so you may not be able to do these in the game, but if you're playing your friend in horse or pig, you have the upper hand, all right? The first shot I'm gonna show you is the 'bounce off the ground, hit the backboard, nothing but net' trick shot. I like to put a little pizzazz in it, all right? Around the back, off the backboard, nothing but net. And that is how you shoot the ball off the ground, off the backboard, in the basket, nothing but net.

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