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How to Do a 540 Dunk in Basketball

Learn how to do the 540 dunk from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Now I'm mean, I'm meaning thoroughly impressed with what's going here right. Mr. 540, 1 of the highest fliers in the world. He's here, he's displaying some great dunks to show us a lot of dunks and now we're gonna step it up not but another level, okay.

Now you’re not gonna do a 360, you’re gonna do a 540. Literally, now folks if you do not know a 540 is not only a 360, look at me. I'm turning around, that's a 360 now a 540 is going all the way back around to here and dunking the ball backwards that's right. A 180 plus a 360 equals a 540 and he said he's gonna do it right now, same principals right? Plant left, plant right, gather yourselves, power up in the air, turn, around not only once.

Don't stop now, don't stop now Bianca. Wow I gotta see it. I know you wanna see it Mr. 540, let's show them what you got. Alright folks we talked about the 540 slam dunk, I don't even wanna talk anymore. It's show time, Mr. 540, take this away. He's gonna show us how to execute... Woah. Wow. He's like a ballerina up there. He's spinning around doing figure eights, I don't believe what's going on. Now that do folks believe it or not, I can't do that dunk. I'm not even gonna lie to your guys. I can't do that dunk Mr. 540, that's why we call him Mr. 540.

Spinning around in the air 360 plus 180, he did it, that's right. Harlemwise's Mr. 540 and that's how folks. That's how you do a 540.

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