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How to Become a Good Center in Basketball

Learn how to become a good center from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


We're going to talk about how to become a great center.

Most centers have a unique position here because their position is to
protect the paint and be mainly the enforcer of the basket. Normally,
centers are the taller people on the basketball court. All right, centers
at seven feet tall, six eleven, six eight, six nine. Now when I played in
college and in high school, I played the center position. Now most
importantly I meant to make sure that the paint, the painted area was
always protected. If somebody came down to shoot a shot, I would make sure
I could contest that shot. If the ball came off the rim, I would make sure
I got a nice rebound. I outfitted the balls to my teams to start the

Mainly, I was the guy in the middle. That's why they call you the center.
And that's how you become a great center by protecting the center,
rebounding, blocking shots, and doing all the things that it takes to make
sure the inside is enforced.

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