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How to Shoot a Free Throw in Basketball

Learn how to shoot a free throw from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Eric 'Broadway' Jones: All right, Swoop.

Dwayne 'Swoop' Simpson: Yeah?

Eric: We're back.

Dwayne: We're here.

Eric: We're showing these people how to shoot a free throw. You wanna be free.

Dwayne: Yeah.

Eric: Free...

Dwayne: Fallin'.

Eric: There you go. That's how you wanna do it. Free throws ...

Dwayne: Free, oh.

Eric: ... free throws is all about repetition...

Dwayne: Yes.

Eric: ... and technique.

Dwayne: Yes.

Eric: Two things you wanna remember with free throws, repetition, technique. Say it with me.

Dwayne: Repetition and technique, okay.

Eric: Repetition, technique. You got it, you got it.

Dwayne: All right.

Eric: So you repeat the action over and over ...

Dwayne: Uh-huh.

Eric: ... and practice the same technique.

Dwayne: Now, around what percentage should I be trying. I'm a 10 percent free throw shooter. All right? So that's, that's, is that pretty good for me?

Eric: No, no, no. You're free throw shooting, because there's nobody guarding you on the free throw line ...

Dwayne: Really?

Eric: ... or the foul line. You wanna be somewhere between 85 and 90 percent.

Dwayne: So that means I gotta make a lot of shots?

Eric: Absolutely.

Dwayne: Oh. Well, maybe that's not my ...

Eric: Can you handle that?

Dwayne: I'll work on it. I gotta practice.

Eric: Yeah, well we'll leave it to the expert.

Dwayne: Yeah, yeah.

Eric: That's why we have DP here to show us the proper way how to shoot a free throw. Now we're here with DP the expert.

Dwayne: OK.

Eric: Now he has a motion where he takes three dribbles, gets a good knee bend, but don't do the other thing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He gets a good knee bend, and gets a good follow through. We're gonna watch DB on his foul shooting technique. That's how you make a free throw right there.

Dwayne: Good!

Eric: Now notice the same motion. Three dribbles, then extend on the follow through. That's a good free throw.

Dwayne: Yeah, that's good. That's nice. That's nice.

Eric: You like that?

Dwayne: I like it. I'm looking.

Eric: This is how you become a better free throw shooter, Swoop.

Dwayne: OK.

Eric: This is what I'm trying to tell you about.

Dwayne: So you telling me that if I just calm myself down ...

Eric: Yeah.

Dwayne: ... have proper technique.

Eric: Technique.

Dwayne: And what was the other word you said?

Eric: I don't remember.

Dwayne: Me neither. [laughs]

Eric: It doesn't matter.

Dwayne: First, I'm gonna go here, get my ...

Eric: Proper technique.

Dwayne: I have get a routine like his though. Right?

Eric: Yeah, you get a routine ...

Dwayne: OK.

Eric: ... technique. Yeah, yeah.

Dwayne: I'm a on that.

Eric: You only got 10 seconds. You only got 10 seconds.

Dwayne: And then I just ....

ERIC: D**n.

Dwayne: Nice.

Eric: Now you got it. Let me see that routine again.

Dwayne: OK. OK. OK.

Eric: Spin it out. You gotta make that sound, too?

Dwayne: Yeah.

Eric: Then, follow through. So that's why you're set for set. All right. Now, as you can see the right and the wrong way to shoot a free throw. If you have the proper technique, and then you use repetition, good follow through, good form, you can become a better free throw shooter.

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