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What Is Speed Dribbling in Basketball?

Learn about speed dribbling from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Speaker 1: What is speed dribbling?

Speaker 2: That's right I already know that, too. I know everything in this game, I'm a professional at this. Let me show you, speed dribbling, you got to get down you got to move down. You got to get I'm so excited.

Speaker 1: No, no, no, no that's not speed.

Speaker 2: It's not? My feet was movin'.

Speaker 1: You got to dribble the ball and show speed at the same time. He doesn't understand what speed dribbling is. Yeah, yeah we're going to explain to him what speed dribbling is. Take a couple steps back, this guy's fast.

Speaker 2: Is he fast?

Speaker 1: Yeah he's fast, so what you want to do is you want to make sure...

Speaker 2: Yeah

Speaker 1: ...that you keep your head up. See that? You didn't even seen him.

Speaker 2: I didn't even see him, where'd he go?

Speaker 1: Do it again, do it again, do it again. Hold up, not that fast. Not that fast. See that? But that's speed, you see that?

Speaker 2: He's fast. Yeah that's fast.

Speaker 1: And he's still keeping to his ball handling principle. You want to keep your head up...

Speaker 2: Head up.

Speaker 1: ...ball low...

Speaker 2: Ball low.

Speaker 1: ...knees bent...

Speaker 2: Knees bent.

Speaker 1: ...see the court.

Speaker 2: See the court.

Speaker 1: Where's the court?

Speaker 2: It's over here. Somewhere.

Speaker 1: You see it right? You know what I'm saying? So try it again, speed dribbling, head up, on the go. Head up, head up, now back, back, back. Now speed again, speed, speed, speed now right, left. You tired yet? You tired?

Speaker 2:Hold on okay you got me. You got me.

C: Good job, roadrunner.

Speaker 1: See now that's the key to speed dribbling.

Speaker 2: I'm learning.

Speaker 1: You're going to keep your head up.

Speaker 2: I'm learning, man.

Speaker 1: Keep your eyes on the court.

Speaker 2: Eyes on the court.

Speaker 1: Ball's low, speed slow down. It's all about ball control.

Speaker 2: Ball control.

Speaker 1: That's what it's about. Easy. That's a wrap.

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