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How to In & Out Dribble a Basketball

Learn how to in and out dribble from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Broadway: Here we go, Swoop!

Swoop: Yeah.

Broadway: Now we're learning about the in and out dribble.

Swoop: In and out, I got that one mastered already--

Broadway: You got the in and out dribble.

Swoop: You know, I even know the song, they even made a song about it: You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put your left and then you shake it, you shake it, you sh--

Broadway: No. You don't shake with the in and out dribble.

Swoop: No?

Broadway: No no no. Road Runner's going to display the in and out dribble. Same principles, Road Runner, head up, in and out dribble. There you go. In and out dribble, see that? You go in, and then you come out. You go in, and then you come out. What you're doing right here is you're getting the defense off balance, you're making believe, that you're going to go to your right hand, and then you're coming back. Bam, and you're coming back to your left, you see that?

Swoop: I want to see this move work, because I don't even think this move works, man. Come on, let's see if you can go in and out on me. I'm ready, I can get this ball. I got it--

Broadway: See that?

Swoop: He just got me again.

Broadway: He got you again. See that?

Swoop: You're good at this, man.

Broadway: You want to step with your foot, and give the defense the illusion that you're going to go one way, you're going to take them in, and out, just like a turnstile. Look at him. In and out dribble. Switch it over to the right hand, back in and out, same thing, Swoop. You can do this, man.

Swoop: I was going to practice.

Broadway: No no, you know what? Let's give the viewers at home a taste of how you can just watch, and learn the in and out. Go ahead, show them Swoop.

Swoop: You put your left foot in--

Broadway: No no no.

Swoop: But I want to do a dance, Broadway.

Broadway: No, no, no dancing.

Swoop: Okay, I'm in, oh! Oh!

Broadway: Oooohhhh!

Swoop: I'm on my way, guys, I'm on my way.

Broadway: Ooooohhhh!

Swoop: I'm on my way, guys.

Broadway: Do they have to do that scream when they do it, too?

Swoop: Of course!

Broadway: Show them again, show them again.

Swoop: Oohhhh-ho ho ho ho ho! That's how I get them, baby, every time.

Broadway: That's how you get them.

Swoop: That's how I get them.

Broadway: Alright, stay right here. Alright, that's the in and out dribble. You want to take the defender
one way, you want to let them believe you're coming in, and you go back to the outside. In and out dribble, head up, the ball is low, that's a wrap.

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