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How to Dribble a Basketball

Learn the correct way to dribble a basketball from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Speaker 1: Now, Broadway, I'm always looking for the correct way to dribble the basketball. You know I'm trying to become a better basketball player right?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: I got some new sneakers, some new socks.

Speaker 2: Oh! You lookin' good.

Speaker 1: All I got to do is work on my game now, right?

Speaker 2: I'm the guy to help you.

Speaker 1: You're going to help me out?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Now Broadway, you're a guard right?

Speaker 2: I'm a guard.

Speaker 1: You're an expert guard.

Speaker 2: I'm going to say I'm a security guard.

Speaker 1: Now you've been playing the game for a long time, and you're going to show me the right way to dribble the ball, right?

Speaker 2: Yeah, it's three basic dribbles we're going to work on that can teach you the correct way to dribble the ball. First of all you want to have fingertip control on the ball, you see that? Fingertips, and you don't have to look at it once you become a good ball handler.

Speaker 1: Right, right.

Speaker 2: But this is actually not a good ball handling position, why? Because I'm too upright.

Speaker 1: Right, right we talked about it.

Speaker 2: When we're dribbling the ball want to bend your knees.

Speaker 1: Okay, good.

Speaker 2: You want to be able to keep your head up, and this is called a control dribble, and this is called a speed dribble. Back to control, and this is a power dribble.

Speaker 1: A power dribble.

Speaker 2: When you want to make a move

Speaker 1: Oh, good good good.

Speaker 2: You got to be able to control that ball. So that's the correct way to dribble the ball.

Speaker 1: I learned three new ways, alright. I learned the control dribble to make sure that I'm balanced, fingertips on the ball,

Speaker 2: Head up.

Speaker 1: Always in control, head up. Speed dribble, down blow, quick dribbles, and a power dribble in order to power the ball and make a strong move.

Speaker 2: And then when you got your hand down this is what happens. See that

Speaker 1: Oh!

Speaker 2: Oh! I got you again.

Speaker 1: That's right folks. The correct way to dribble the basketball.

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