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Different Types of Basketball Passes

Learn about the different types of basketball passes from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Swoop: Hey Broadway.

Broadway: Hey Swoop.

Swoop: Hey check this out man look I'm trying to figure this out.

Broadway: Yeah.

Swoop: I'm trying to figure out what the four different types of passes are. Can you help me out with that man?

Broadway: Obviously I could help you out.

Swoop: Of course.

Broadway: I'm a great passer. It's all about sharing the sugar.

Swoop: That's right man. You know what I mean? A great team mate passing the ball to a teammate. That's what it's about.

Broadway: See now we're first going to start off with something called a bounce pass.

Swoop: A bounce pass?

Broadway: Yeah. Then we're going to move on to a chest pass.

Swoop: OK. So how does that work?

Broadway: And then we have an over the head pass.

Swoop: Really?

Broadway: And then a baseball pass.

Swoop: Alright let's do it baby let's do it.

Broadway: So we can demonstrate to the people watching the four different types of passes.

Swoop: OK. Alright let's do it baby.

Broadway: So any time you pass you want to step towards your defender.

Swoop: Alright. OK.

Broadway: So you want to step first.

Swoop: Step first.

Broadway: Release the pass.

Swoop: Release the pass.

Broadway: And another thing is you want to keep your thumbs down on the pass.

Swoop: Thumbs down.

Broadway: Thumbs down and extend your arms fully and on offense event you need to get a target.

Swoop: Oh a target. OK. Alright.

Broadway: Where am I passing the ball to? So the chest pass.

Swoop: Oh chest pass! Alright. OK.

Broadway: Yeah.

Swoop: So from my chest I'm going to pass you something.

Broadway: No.

Swoop: That was my chest.

Broadway: No. No. No. No.

Swoop: Oh. OK extending.

Broadway: Extend the arms. Thumbs down.

Swoop: Oh not me, you.

Broadway: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Swoop: I'm ready. I'm ready.

Broadway: Chest pass.

Swoop: Oh! And you stepped with the foot.

Broadway: Yeah.

Swoop: So I want to step.

Broadway: Yeah.

Swoop: Like that?

Broadway: Man. You just hit me in my chest.

Swoop: Oh. I'm on my way. I'm on my way guys. Guys I'm on my way.

Broadway: And then a bounce pass. You want that ball to still come up to the target.

Swoop: Right.

Broadway: Extend the arms.

Swoop: Uh huh.

Broadway: Follow through.

Swoop: Right.

Broadway: Thumbs down. Bounce pass. Comes right to you. No.

Swoop: No?

Broadway: No.

Swoop: Wait, wait, wait.

Broadway: Didn't you see the target?

Swoop: I just want to put the bounce in it. That's what I did.

Broadway: No you've got to bounce it halfway.

Swoop: Oh, halfway.

Broadway: So that it comes right to me here.

Swoop: And step.

Broadway: Yeah step.

Swoop: Thumbs down.

Broadway: Thumbs down.

Swoop: Like this?

Broadway: Yeah.

Swoop: OK. (?) Here you go.

Broadway: Man! You like that?

Swoop: I like it. Bam!

Broadway: Same thing with the over the head pass. You want to step.

Swoop: Yeah.

Broadway: Come over the head. That's why it's an over the head pass. Two hands to the target.

Swoop: That was good man.

Broadway: Yeah.

Swoop: OK. OK.

Broadway: You're getting it.

Swoop: I'm getting better man.

Broadway: Now you have the over the head pass.

Swoop: OK.

Broadway: This gets a little tricky.

Swoop: OK.

Broadway: So you want to step.

Swoop: Oh.

Broadway: You come over the top.

Swoop: Oh.

Broadway: Follow through.

Swoop: It's like the baseball one.

Broadway: Yeah, yeah. That's the baseball pass.

Swoop: OK. Like so I've got to be here. I've got to check the signals first.

Broadway: What are you doing?

Swoop: I'm doing a baseball. I've got to do the baseball signals.

Broadway: No it's the game. It's moving fast. It's not a baseball game. It's a baseball pass.

Swoop: No but I wanted to do've got to do the thing like this, like that with the things.

Broadway: No, no, no. This is not a slider.

Swoop: No?

Broadway: This is a baseball pass.

Swoop: So all I've got to do is throw it?

Broadway: Yeah just throw it.

Swoop: So back here.

Broadway: No, no. You don't kick the leg like that.

Swoop: No leg kicking?

Broadway: (?) You've got to step, right over the top, then follow through.

Swoop: OK step.

Broadway: There you go.

Swoop: OK I'm good.

Broadway: You want to hit that target though.

Swoop: Target?

Broadway: Yeah. The target is here.

Swoop: OK.

Broadway: Now you've got it.

Swoop: Four different types of passes.

Broadway: There you have it. You want to wrap it up.

Swoop: Yup. Let's wrap it up. Four passes man.

Broadway: Four passes.

Swoop: Chest pass.

Broadway: Chest pass.

Swoop: Bounce pass.

Broadway: Bounce pass.

Swoop: Over the head pass.

Broadway: Uh huh.

Swoop: And baseball pass.

Broadway: That was like an inside curve.

Swoop: Baseball pass.

Broadway: There you have it. Four different types of passes with the Harlem Wizards.

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