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Basketball Positions

Learn about the positions in basketball from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Swoop: Broadway?

Broadway: What's up?

Swoop: Sometimes I get a little confused at where I should be playing on the court. I need your help, man. 'Cuz I'm really not sure what position I should play, man.

Broadway: So, what we need to do is teach you and the people at home what the correct positions are on the basketball court.

Swoop: I don't even know what the positions are.

Broadway: You don't want to be out of position.

Swoop: You sure?

Broadway: Yeah.

Swoop: But can you show me where it is?

Broadway: Yeah, let's go over to the basketball court.

Swoop: All right. Come on. Let's go check it out.

Broadway: All right, Swoop.

Swoop: What's going on, Broadway?

Broadway: We're going to teach everybody about the positions on the court.

Swoop: Ah, yes, yes. All right.

Broadway: Assume the position.

Swoop: Well, I want to be, what? What was this? Can I be the kicker?

Broadway: No, this is basketball.

Swoop: Oh, OK. You're right, you're right. All right. How about the center fielder? I like center field.

Broadway: No, there's no center field here.

Swoop: Where, where ...

Broadway: Half court, free throw line, three point line. No center field.

Swoop: So, can you explain to me the positions again, man? I'm sorry.

Broadway: Obviously we gotta bring in some experts. So, we got King Arthur. We got Mr. 540.

Swoop: Right.

Broadway: We got DP the Enforcer.

Swoop: Uh-huh.

Broadway: And we're gonna explain the positions on the court.

Swoop: OK. Where ...

Broadway: And you get to pick your own position today.

Swoop: Oh, do I really?

Broadway: Yeah, where do you want to play?

Swoop: OK. Well, let's start with the point guard then. 'Cuz you know what I'm saying?

Broadway: OK.

Swoop: 'Cuz I could be a point ...

Broadway: No, no, no.

Swoop: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What, what? You got a point guard already?

Broadway: Yeah, we got a point guard.

Swoop: OK.

Broadway: King Arthur's the point guard.

Swoop: OK.

Broadway: His job is to initiate the offense ...

Swoop: Oh.

Broadway: ... to make sure everybody's in their correct position when he calls the play.

Swoop: OK.

Broadway: So King Arthur's usually gonna use hand signals, or talk and say, "Hey, move over there.' Whatever the case may be. And make sure everybody's in the right place on the court.

Swoop: OK. OK.

Broadway: Now, he initiates the offense, and the defense.

Swoop: Oh, OK.

Broadway: So that's the point guard. His job is to know where everybody is on the court at all times. And he's gotta know everybody's positions.

Swoop: OK.

Broadway: So, then we'll move to my position.

Swoop: Oh, no, you said, i could pick. I want the shooting guard.

Broadway: No, no, no.

Swoop: You said, I could shoot.

Broadway: No, I'm the shooting guard.

Swoop: Look at my, it's good.

Broadway: No, no, no.

Swoop: Look at the ...

Broadway: I'm the shooting guard.

Swoop: Oh, OK. All right.

Broadway: So the shooting guard's job is just self-explanatory.

Swoop: Right.

Broadway: It's to shoot the ball.

Swoop: Oh, OK.

Broadway: A good shooting guard is somebody who can dribble ...

Swoop: Right.

Broadway: ... and attack the basket, as well as shoot. His primary goal is to put the ball in the basket, and get the team points.

Swoop: All right. Sounds good.

Broadway: Now, we're gonna move to what's called a three man, or wing man.

Swoop: Three man. Oh, yeah, I could do that. I could do that. I'm a wing. I'm a good wing man. I got a lot of friends, always saying, I'm a good wing man. I'm a good wing man.

Broadway: No, no, no way.

Swoop: You got a wing already?

Broadway: Yeah, 540.

Swoop: Oh, OK. OK.

Broadway: Mr. 540. The wing man, or the three man, is usually the best athlete on the court.

Swoop: Uh-huh.

Broadway: So Mr. 540 is gonna do a little bit of everything.

Swoop: Yeah.

Broadway: On the offense if he can shoot the shot, it's good.

Swoop: Yeah, yeah.

Broadway: But mostly he wants to finish in transition.

Swoop: Finish.

Broadway: He wants to be able to slash to the basket.

Swoop: OK.

Broadway: Defensively and offensively, he wants to help out on the backboards and get rebounds.

Swoop: OK. OK.

Broadway: So, he's kind of a mix of a guard, and a forward.

Swoop: OK. Sounds good.

Broadway: So, now we move on to the power forward.

Swoop: Oh, see, look at my muscles, son! You see that right there?

Broadway: We got a power for it.

Swoop: I got power.

Broadway: We got a power forward.

Swoop: I got the power. Snap.

Broadway: No. DP is the power forward. Power forward is usually the guy that's the most physical on the court.

Swoop: OK.

Broadway: His primary job is to rebound the basketball, set good screens.

Swoop: Uh-huh.

Broadway: And a good power forward is somebody on the offense end that can score out of a post positions.

Swoop: Oh.

Broadway: Now we've got one spot left. Guess who that's for?

Swoop: Are you going to say, I'm gonna be the center? I've been a center all of my life. I'm gonna be a center again now?

Broadway: You're the center of attention.

Swoop: Oh, OK. I'm on it. OK.

Broadway: Yeah, there you go.

Swoop: OK. What? Oh, yeah.

Broadway: It's all on you, baby.

Swoop: Ah, man.

Broadway: This is the most unliked position, but it's the most ...

Swoop: Significant?

Broadway: Yes.

Swoop: Yes.

Broadway: Yes, significant position. Because this guy has to score out of the hole.

Swoop: OK

Broadway: He has to get rebounds.

Swoop: That's what I do though!

Broadway: He has to outlet the ball.

Swoop: And I do that.

Broadway: He has to block shots.

Swoop: I can do that, too.

Broadway: You see how much stuff you got to do? What position you want to play?

Swoop: I want to play the center.

Broadway: Yeah, you the center, man.

Swoop: Yeah, I want to play the center. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Broadway: So, that's what you gotta do.

Swoop: So, five positions.

Broadway: Yeah.

Swoop: The point guard.

Broadway: The point guard, King Arthur.

Swoop: The shooting guard.

Broadway: Me, patrol.

Swoop: My main man, the small forward.

Broadway: Yeah, the small forward, the three, or the swing man.

Swoop: OK, the power forward.

Broadway: Power forward, DP the enforcer.

Swoop: And the center.

Broadway: Who's the center of attention?

Swoop: I'm the center.

Broadway: Of attention.

Swoop: I'm the center.

Broadway: You the center.

Swoop: I'm the center.

Broadway: And usually ...

Swoop: Yeah.

Broadway: ... what positions on the court, it usually goes by size ...

Swoop: Uh-huh.

Broadway: ... and/or skills set.

Swoop: OK.

Broadway: So centers are usually taller guys. Wing men are usually mid size. And guards are usually the smaller guys on the court.

Swoop: OK

Broadway: Like me and you. See the height differential?

Swoop: I'm taller than you.

Broadway: But I could post you out.

Swoop: Oh, shoot. Stop playing. I'm the center! They told me I could block the shots.

Broadway: Yeah. So there you have it. The positions of the court with the Harlem Wizards.

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