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How to Do a Turnaround Basketball Jump Shot

Learn how to do the turnaround jump shot from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Broadway:Alright, swoop?


Broadway::Finally move down to the post baby.

Swoop:Oh, that's my favorite spot. Yes, I like the post, man.

Broadway::That's where the big guys dare to nail.

Swoop:Yes, I like it down there.

Broadway: Yes, it's real rough and tough down there.


Broadway:But you also got to have what's called the finesse game.

Swoop:Oh, the finesse game like Tim Duncan.

Broadway:Yes, Tim Duncan.

Swoop:Always makes a turn around...

Broadway:Turn around, that's what working on, turn around jump shot. In order to get a good turn around jump shot, Swoop, you first got to learn the footwork.



Swoop:We talked about that earlier, right?

Broadway:Let me see some footwork.


Broadway:Yes. Let us see some footwork here! What's that?

Swoop:That's only my foot working.

Broadway:So, we're going to let the expert step in.


Broadway:BP to show us some footwork in the post and breaking it down, step by step.

Swoop:Step by step!

Broadway:The turn around jump shot.

Swoop:OK, let's see what he's got.

Broadway:Here we go. This is what we're going to do.


Broadway:First you're going to establish good post position.

Swoop:OK. He's in the post.

Broadway:You want to get a wide base and then, you're going to show, first, a turn around jump shot over the right shoulder.


Broadway:I'm going to pass it to BP. He catches the ball. He turns to the right shoulder. Good footwork, he's square to the basket. Get a good release point.


Good balance! Alright, now we're going to do the same thing [NOISE]. We're going to do that same turn around, [NOISE] but we're going over the left shoulder this time.


He shoulders and asks for the ball. I pass it to him. They're inside, turn outside. Still got good footwork. He's able to shoot it. Gets a good shot off.


Broadway: Now, we're going to do what's called the inside pivot.


Broadway:This catches the defense a little bit off balance.


Broadway:I pass the ball and side to him, inside pivot. Notice, instead of turning to his outside, he swung his foot inside, but he's still in the same position to be able to...

Swoop:Still square.

Broadway:Yes. He's still square to the basket. [Noise] Now we're going to let BP get a couple repetitions so you could see his game speed.

Swoop:OK, cool.

Broadway:Here's BP in the post turn around jump shot, over the left shoulder.

Swoop:That's nice.

Broadway:Then he comes back over, over the right shoulder, and over the left shoulder again. Why not?

Swoop: Yes!

Broadway:Hey, if it works, keep going to it. Here we go. BP's in the post, over the right shoulder.


Broadway: Remix on him. You see that? Now he's coming back, over the left shoulder, inside.


Broadway:He established good position. First, he's got to call for it.


Broadway:I don't here him.

BP: Right here baby!


Broadway: OK. There he goes. He's got the ball. Damn! That's a good jump shot. See, then you start getting that bounce when you make a couple.


Broadway:Then you're going to go inside pivot. See that? He's got it. Damn, squared the defense up. He looks at him! You saw that?


Broadway:Here we go. Inside pivot. Where you want it? Where you want it? Oh! Look at that pass! Swoop, you see that?

Swoop:Look at the footwork though, man.

Broadway:Yes, that's what it's all about.

Swoop: The footwork's good.

Broadway:It's all about the footwork. See that? If you practice good technique and good footwork, you can make sure that you have great post presence and get a good shot off with a turn around jump shot. [NOISE] You have balance. You want to make sure you get good post position.


Broadway:You make that turn around jump shot.

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