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How to Do a No-Look Basketball Pass

Learn how to do the no-look pass from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Dwayne Simpson: Back to tricky stuff, the stuff I like.

Eric Jones: Yeah, this is your specialty.

Dwayne: Let's step it up, baby. Step it up to something good, man. You know, we've learned how to pass the ball over, man.

Eric: Yeah.

Dwayne: But now you got to put some of that fancy stuff. Some of that good old fashioned Harlem wispy stuff.

Eric: A little panache.

Dwayne: Yeah. Put some style on it, baby.

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Dwayne: Let's show them what you got.

Eric: How about, let's go with the no-looker, hooker-hooker.

Dwayne: The no looker-cooker booger.

Eric: Booger, booger.

Dwayne: Okay. So what's that all about?

Eric: This is all about tricking the defender.

Dwayne: Right.

Eric: Because, if you're here.

Dwayne: Right.

Eric: And I'm going here, you never know when I'm gonna throw that ball to you.

Dwayne: Well, wait.

Eric: You see that?

Dwayne: You weren't even looking at me, though.

Eric: That's cool, that's why it's the no-looker, hooker-hooker.

Dwayne: The no-look pass.

Eric: Yeah. This is the one. You see that? You see, you never know, I'm looking here but you got it, don't you?

Dwayne: I got it.

Eric: See that, it's a no-looker.

Dwayne: See that, that's a great pass.

Eric: See, what happens with the no-look pass, you're coming down.

Dwayne: Right.

Eric: And you want to fool the defender. Sometime you might go up, like you gonna shoot the ball and then just dish it off.

Dwayne: That was so good, I didn't even get that one, man.

Eric: That's a no-look, no catch.

Dwayne: Wow, man!

Eric: Did you see that?

Dwayne: That was good, man. You know what? You are pretty good at that stuff, man.

Eric: I'm all about the no-look.

Dwayne: Before you do a no-look.

Eric: Yeah.

Dwayne: You better make sure that you still hit your player in right area, in target area.

Eric: Yeah.

Dwayne: In the target area so they can catch the ball.

Eric: Yeah. You gotta be a master at this stuff.

Dwayne: A master.

Eric: Before you start the no look.

Dwayne: Of course, of course.

Eric: You got to be a good passer.

Dwayne: A good passer.

Eric: Before you become a good no-look passer.

Dwayne: That's good, that's good.

Eric: So you want to practice and then you can get like those guys who are specialist at this.

Dwayne: Okay, okay. Oh yes!

Eric: The Mark Jackson, the Magic Johnson.

Dwayne: Magic!

Eric: The Pistol Pete.

Dwayne: Pistol Pete! Ain't nothing like Pistol Pete, right? Bang!

Eric: What's that?

Dwayne: That's Pistol Pete.

Eric: That was your pistol?

Dwayne: Bang! Pistol Pete, that's what he did.

Eric: Oh, he did that in the game?

Dwayne: I don't know.

Eric: Okay.

Dwayne: That's right. So if you want to learn how to throw special passes with the world famous Harlem Wizards. The no-look pass, the expert, Broadway, right here, showing us how to pistol rock. Not even looking.

Eric: I'm not even looking at you

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