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How to Do the Spin Back Dribble Basketball Trick

Learn how to do the spin back dribble basketball trick from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Eric 'Broadway' Jones: Here we go. Swoop, we're moving on to an expert level.

Dwayne 'Swoop' Simpson: Expert? Well, I'm not really, you know, I'm a professional, but I'm not really on an expert.

Eric: This is called a spin-back dribble.

Dwayne: Spin-back.

Eric: It's hard to explain these kind of dribbles, because this is kind of something you have to really practice on

Dwayne: Oh, really?

Eric: But we're going to try to break it down using the expert dribbler.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: The Roadrunner.

Dwayne: Alright.

Eric: So you actually want to show the defender.

Dwayne: Right.

Eric: Your back.

Dwayne: Back.

Eric: So the defender sees you in front of him first.

Dwayne: Right.

Eric: And then you actually turn around while maintaining the dribble, and you put the ball in front of him, giving him the illusion he can get it.

Dwayne: Right.

Eric: But your hands are so quick.

Dwayne: Right.

Eric: That he's not able to steal the ball. It sounds very complicated.

Dwayne: Okay, okay.

Eric: But when you become an expert like the Roadrunner, it's child's-play.

Dwayne: Alright. Let's see it. Let's see it.

Eric: So you're looking at the defender. You go right up on him. Show him your back. Bam.

Dwayne: Oh, wow.

Eric: That's quick. Bam. Spin-back dribble.

Dwayne: And you're certain that these moves work? Because, you know, I've been playing defense all day long, and I'm not really sure. The other ones, but this one? You know what? Come on. I'm playing defense again, because I don't ...

Eric: Hey, Swoop, are you sure?

Dwayne: No, listen, listen. I can get the ball. I'm going to get the ball. I'm watching you little guy. I'm going to get this ball. I've got it. Come on, baby. Come on.

Eric: Hey, Swoop, we need you for the game, man. You were right there.

Dwayne: It was right there. I had it, though. It was there.

Eric: Relax, man. Listen, listen. That was a nice move right there. I like that one. Good job, buddy. So that's the spin-back dribble. Again, expert moves by an expert ball handler, the Roadrunner. You want to put that ball right in front of the defense. Turn your back on him. Bring it here, and then keep going. That's how you do it. The spin-back dribble.

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