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How to Spin a Basketball on Different Objects

Learn how to spin a basketball on different objects from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Alright guys, now we're gonna talk about spinning the ball on different objects. Once you have become a master spinner, and you're able to spin the ball at the drop of a dime on your finger, then you want to get creative with it. Now, the pointier the point of something you want to spin it on, the easier it will be.

Sometimes I like to spend the ball on the pen, get a nice spin right there, take that pen and here we go. Maybe I want to get it spinning on a banana, alright? Here you go, sit right here, spin the ball on a banana. Maybe I want to spin the ball on a water bottle. Spin the ball on the water bottle. Maybe I want to spin the ball on a pretzel. Spin the ball on a pretzel, don't eat that alright. Or maybe I might even spin the ball on my head.

And that is how you spin the ball on various objects.

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