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How to Do an Off-the-Backboard Dunk in Basketball

Learn how to do an off the backboard dunk from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Now, 540, we're going to get fancy on them, now. We'll be getting fancy. I was telling you how I used to do it back in the day, right?. I was coming down there, I was throwing it off the backboard, catching, dunking myself I was even throwing the alley-oop. I threw it up in the air one time, caught it with my knee, dunked it with my elbow. Three times in a row.

But right now we're going to show you how to throw an alley-oop off the backboard, and we're going to have Mr. 540 throw his own pass off the backboard, because sometimes you just want to throw yourself your own alley-oop and get super fancy, all right?. So we're going to go check that out right now. Come check it out with us.

Now, this play off the backboard when I'm helping or throwing the alley-oop to my teammate, usually goes for the trailer. Now, Mr. 540 is trailing the play. I'm heading to the basket. What I want to try to do is hit it off of the backboard, using the backboard as a propeller to knock the ball to Mr. 540, all right? So let's give it a shot, Mr. 540.


Now that is an off the backboard slam dunk. But if you're like Mr. 540, and you want to get freaky all by yourself, sometimes you might be on a break by yourself, you're looking down, and you want to just get super fancy, you throw the ball off the backboard. Throwing yourself your very own alley-oop.

And that is how you use the backboard to throw yourself an alley-oop.

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