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How to Do a Pick & Roll Basketball Play

Learn how to do a pick-and-roll play from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Broadway: Alright, Swoop.

Swoop: What's going on man?

Broadway: Going fundamental here baby.

Swoop: All fundamentals, yes. What you got for me?

Broadway: We got the Pick and Roll.

Swoop: The Pick and Roll, like an afro pick and some curlers is that what you talking about?

Broadway: No.

Swoop: You trying to get a permanent?

Broadway: A permanent what? A priest?

Swoop: No like a permanent, a perm.

Broadway: Oh you talking about '70's style.

Swoop: I'll holler at that, know what I'm saying. Going side to side. I got baby hair right now.

Broadway: What?

Swoop: Yeah, swear to God, son. I'm trying to make it look fresh.

Broadway: Yeah, okay. We going work on the basketball Pick and Roll.

Swoop: Oh, that kind of stuff.

Broadway: Yeah, yeah.

Swoop: Oh that's why we here. Okay, I roll.

Broadway: The Screen and Roll. That's why we on a basketball court.

Swoop: The Pick and Roll.

Broadway: Got it?

Swoop: Okay, cool, cool.

Broadway: Good.

Swoop: So now this is, like basketball is a team sport so now we can do all that one on one stuff but the best thing to do is work together, right?

Broadway: Yeah team of we.

Swoop: Team of we.

Broadway: Yes.

Swoop: So I'm going to bring in somebody to help you out. To get you more buckets, because you know I like buckets.

Broadway: Yeah.

Swoop: You know what they call me in the hood?

Broadway: What? What?

Swoop: KFC.

Broadway: Because you get buckets.

Swoop: I get buckets.

Broadway: Six piece, five piece, twenty piece.

Swoop: No, no only a two piece with a biscuit.

Broadway: Okay so he's going to be the person handling the ball. He being the expert.

Swoop: Okay.

Broadway: King Arthur.

Swoop: You bring King Arthur in. He handles the ball but he's really just trying to get you open to get you what?

Broadway: Buckets.

Swoop: Because good point guards get their team mates buckets.

Broadway: Yeah, you feed them.

Swoop: You know what, let's go to the court and let's check out what a Screen and Roll is all about.

Broadway: Let's do it. Alright, Swoop now we in position to get a good Screen and Roll. Now everybody has a job here. Arthur's job is to bring his defender to you. Your job is to stand still, get a wide base, protect yourself, and set a solid screen on Arthur's defender. So then when you set a screen on Arthur's defender his job is to come shoulder to shoulder with you, come off, and attack the basket, and go as far as he can, and then create a lay where he can pass the ball to you, or get a shot himself.

Swoop: Now, Broadway, I want to make sure which way I need to be facing.

Broadway: Well, if Arthur is coming to you this way you want to have your whole body facing the wall or get a good angle where Arthur can actually come off of you. Then after you set the screen you want to do what is called opening up to the ball.

Swoop: Right.

Broadway: So you are going to set the screen, then you are going to pivot, and open up to the ball and follow it right down the lane. So you can get a passing angle to get you, what?

Swoop: Lay up.

Broadway: Exactly.

Swoop: Buckets.

Broadway: Buckets.

Swoop: So now Broadway, just to make sure. My back is always pointing to the direction that I want Arthur to go to.

Broadway: Absolutely.

Swoop: Once we rub shoulder to shoulder I'm going to open up to the ball. One motion, hand up creating a target for him to pass the ball to.

Broadway: And very important you want to make sure that you guys aren't too close together so Arthur can get a pass to you, or get a lay up for himself. Because the defense can play both of you at the same time.

Swoop: Nice, makes sense. Let's give it a shot.

Broadway: It's all about court spacing.

Swoop: Alright, cool, cool, cool.

Broadway: So you want to come up just a little bit higher Swoop. Come up a little bit higher.

Swoop: Screen, screen.

Broadway: He's set to screen for you. Arthur walks the man down, he comes off tight, there you go.

Swoop: Buckets, you like that. My bucket dance, my bucket dance. Yeah, dog, my bucket. That's my bucket dance, I do that after every time I score.

Broadway: What about the defensive end?

Swoop: No, I told you they call me Buckets, KFC, alright? I don't know what you talking about. I don't play defense, like that no more.

Broadway: We'll talk about that later.

Swoop: Okay.

Broadway: But, here you have the breakdown of the Screen and Roll. Setting a good solid screen, keeping a good base, protecting yourself, as Swoop talked about, keeping your back facing the direction you want King Arthur or the point guard to go. King Arthur's job is to come shoulder to shoulder, create a passing angle, and look for the guy or look for his own shot. There you go, Screen and Roll with the Wizards.

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