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How to Do a Bounce Pass in Basketball

Learn how to do a bounce pass from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Dwayne 'Swoop' Simpson: Broadway.

Eric 'Broadway' Jones: Hey

Dwayne: I'm trying to learn how to pass the ball. You know that I am a prolific scorer. Right?

Eric: You know what? You get your buckets in the paint.

Dwayne: Yes I do, but I get buckets. Bugatos.

Eric: What's that?

Dwayne: It's Spanish for buckets.

Eric: Oh, OK.

Dwayne: Now, what I want to do know, I don't want to pass the ball to my teammates, all right? I want to get my Magic Johnson on, okay?

Eric: Yeah.

Dwayne: Now this is a pass I heard called the bounce pass. Is there any way you can teach me that?

Eric: Obviously, because I'm a great passer.

Dwayne: Oh, you always say that, man.

Eric: Yeah. You know. I'm showing you the no-look pass. I'm showing you the chest pass.

Dwayne: Yeah, right, right.

Eric: I'm showing you the chest pass

Dwayne: The chess pass.

Eric: We're going to the bounce pass.

Dwayne: Bounce pass. Sounds good to me.

Eric: So you want to get some distance in between you and your teammate.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: Because obviously I don't want to bounce pass it to you like this.

Dwayne: Oh man, you almost hit me in the bouncers.

Eric: So what you're going to do is you're going to get some distance between you and your teammate.

Dwayne: Alright.

Eric: And you want to try to bounce that ball half to three quarters of the way to your teammate. He or she has to make a target.

Dwayne: Right, target.

Eric: Bounce it and you got to step, thumbs down.

Dwayne: Thumbs down.

Eric: And make that ball go right to the target.

Dwayne: Oh, okay. And it bounced right up to me. Let me try it. Let me try it. Let me try it.

Eric: You see where that went?

Dwayne: Where'd it go?

Eric: What'd you do wrong?

Dwayne: I don't know, man. I just, you told me to bounce it so that's what I did.

Eric: No, no. Half way.

Dwayne: Oh! Half way.

Eric: Thumbs down.

Dwayne: Half way bounce.

Eric: Extend the arms. Look the elbows.

Dwayne: Lock them out.

Eric: Yeah.

Dwayne: Okay. Let's give a shot.

Eric: There you go.

Dwayne: I think I got this one.

Eric: Yeah. No, no, no. You didn't extend the elbow.

Dwayne: Oh, Okay, okay, okay.

Eric: Lock them out. Look at you now.

Dwayne: Oh, Steve Nash, baby. Yeah. I'm going to be like a dime chopper.

Eric: What's that?

Dwayne: That's like, you're snitching? No snitching.

Eric: Okay.

Dwayne: Just dishing.

Eric: Oh.

Dwayne: That's what I do.

Eric: Dishing and swishing.

Dwayne: Dishing and swishing.

Eric: That's like Clive Frasier.

Dwayne: Who's that?

Eric: The great New York Knicks Clive Frasier.

Dwayne: Who don't know who Clive Frasier is, man. The best dressed star in the NBA.

Eric: All right, there you have it. Bounce passing with the Wizards. You want to keep those thumbs down, you want to lock the elbows. You want to make sure you step with the pass and hit the target. Bounce passing with the Wizards.

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