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How to Do a Shammgod Basketball Move

Learn how to do the Shammgod move from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Eric 'Broadway' Jones: This is called the Shammgod move.

Dwayne 'Swoop' Simpson: Who's Shammgod?

Eric: Shammgod is God Shammgod Wells.

Dwayne: Yes.

Eric: Former star NBA player. And he had a move named after him.

Dwayne: Oh really?

Eric:Yeah. When he was in high school.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: So this move was made famous by some of the European players, and you may even see a guy like Manu Ginobili doing this move.

Dwayne: Oh really? Really?

Eric: It's called the God Shammgod move.

Dwayne: Okay, I want to see, I want to see. I don't even know who that is. Yeah, this is like above my level. I want to try it.

Eric: This is expert level. SO obviously, the Roadrunner being the great dribbler that you are, you're going to go and show them the Shammgod move. Now he needs space for this move. See, what he's going to do is make the defense believe that he's throwing the ball out there. And then they're going to reach for it, and he's not going to move with his same hand. He's going to bring it back with the opposite hand. So it's out, and then bring across. And some fancy footwork. Show them how it's done, Roadrunner. This is the Shammgod move. See that? Either way. He can do it either way. You see that? That's the Shammgod move.

Dwayne: Oh, that's nice. That's nice. Okay. I've got to know. I've got to make sure these moves are effective. Okay. I want to see if this move is going to work for me, because I'm, you know, I'm a great defensive player.

Eric: You've got to get in the stance first.

Dwayne: Okay, okay. I'm in my stance here. He's going to throw the ball out. I almost had that.

Eric: You're getting there, man.

Dwayne: You know what? You know what? You think you're good or something.

Eric: You know what? I think he's like, he's an expert dribbler, and you like, you've been tricked.

Dwayne: I'm working on it.

Eric: You are working on it.

Dwayne: It's going to take practice.

Eric: You look good out there. It does take practice.

Dwayne: I'm fine.

Eric: But you can even learn the Shammgod move if you go in and put a lot of work in like the Roadrunner has.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: So the Shammgod move is obviously an expert level. You want to put that ball out there. Bring it back. Make the defense believe they're going to get it, and then you snatch it back. That's the Shammgod.

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