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How to Do Basketball Post Moves

Learn how to do post moves from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Speaker 1: All right, Swoop.

Speaker 2: Right.

Speaker 1: We're gonna display some post moves now.

Speaker 2: Now, we already talked about how much I love it down here, right?

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: We talked about some good post moves I have to work on. Now, if I put these things together, I'll have some post moves, right?

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: And I can score baskets.

Speaker 1: That's what you want to do.

Speaker 2: And my mother will cheer for me at the game.

Speaker 1: Yeah. So we're gonna work on some post moves. We're gonna let the expert, DP, come in here.

Speaker 2: Yes, oh, he's back.

Speaker 1: And show us a myriad, that's a SAT word, of post moves.

Speaker 2: OK.

Speaker 1: Yeah. So DP is gonna go in the post, he's gonna show us some fancy foot work.

Speaker 2: A myriad is so.

Speaker 1: Is that your new girl friend?

Speaker 2: Here we go, DP, he's in the post. Now watch DP work in the post.

Speaker 1: OK.

Speaker 2: See when a post player gets in a good rhythm, you just want to feed him the ball.

Speaker 1: OK, sounds good.

Speaker 2: He's open, he's in a rhythm, go ahead and feed it to him the ball.

Speaker 1: OK, sounds good.

Speaker 2: He's open, he's in a rhythm, let him, just feed it to him. So I need to give it to him.

Speaker 1: OK. I think got this.

Speaker 2: So I'm gonna give it to him, right here. There you go.

Speaker 1: What's that called?

Speaker 2: That's the drop step over the right shoulder.

Speaker 1: OK. OK.

Speaker 2: Now here, DP catches the ball, fake, outside.

Speaker 1: OK, OK.

Speaker 2: Left shoulder, Bam!

Speaker 1: Another drop step.

Speaker 2: That's another drop step.

Speaker 1: OK. He has some pretty good moves then.

Speaker 2: Now, OK, here we go. Now he catches it.

Speaker 1: OK.

Speaker 2: Fake, shoulder ball, drop step, power two hand jam.

Speaker 1: Oh, that shot had a lot of power right there.

Speaker 2: Two hand jammer. Two hand jammer.

Speaker 1: Woo!

Speaker 2: He's got all kine of moves in the post. See that?

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Fake, inside pivot, drop step, Bam!

Speaker 1: Oh, oh, another one man! Woo! I'm likin' these moves man and the foot work. It's based on the foot work, isn't it?

Speaker 2: Yeah. It is about the foot work. Do you think you want to try some of that stuff?

Speaker 1: Oh, I told you, like, you're trying to act like I don't know how to play, man.

Speaker 2: No, listen, listen. I'm just trying t help you.

Speaker 1: You know what I'm sayin', this is where I party at, right down here in the post, you know what I'm sayin'?

Speaker 2: You party in the post? Give me that, let me drop it like it's hot!

Speaker 1: Yeah. You party in the post?

Speaker 2: Yeah, I party in the post, we already then talked about this.

Speaker 1: OK.

Speaker 2: I'm not some kid, right?

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: And I hit you with the move right here.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Pump you back, and come back, and then come back around, and I, oh, up and under.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: See, see, how you like that one?

Speaker 1: I think you need to.

Speaker 2: Practice?

Speaker 1: No, you need a different party.

Speaker 2: This is not a good party for me?

Speaker 1: No, no, that's not a good party for you, that's a tea party.

Speaker 2: All right, well, I gotta work on it, I gotta practice.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: But it's about my foot work, right?

Speaker 1: It is about your foot work.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: And remember, when you're in the post, you wanna make sure you have good balance. You want to call for the ball, show the player on your team where you want it at. You want to get the ball. You want to have good foot work and you want to power up, so you can score at the basket.

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