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How to Make a Slam Dunk in Basketball

Learn how to make a slam dunk from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Million dollar question, 'How can I slam dunk?' Well, Mr. 540's going to show you how to do that very, very quickly. Slam dunk is very simple. You'll want to jump up over ten feet, and slam the ball down into the basket.

[inaudible 00:24]

All right, boys and girls, a million dollar question, 'How to slam dunk.' Alright. Number one thing, we already know the goal is about ten feet off the ground. So number one thing you've got to do is, you're going to have to jump up there and get it. Alright. So you jump up there. You want to be above the rim, and slam dunk it into the basket. Mr. 540, our expert on dunking, will now execute, right now, a one hand and a two hand slam dunk. Let's check him out.

Now, we talked about slam dunking, jumping up in the air. Mr. 540's going to show us. Now, there's two ways that you can jump off the ground. Alright. We've got the running one foot jump. One foot jump off of one leg, extending your arm up in the air and dunking, and we have the two foot. You gather yourself with two feet, jumping up in the air, and dunking the ball. Mr. 540 will demonstrate the one foot dunk.

Wowsers! Now that is what I call a slam dunk. Now he will demonstrate the two foot power slam dunk.

Now that is nice, right there. That is nice. That's right folks. And that is how you slam dunk, with the Harlem Wizards.

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