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How to Do a Windmill Dunk in Basketball

Learn how to do a windmill dunk from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Speaker 1: Alright ladies and gentleman, we're still here with Mr. 540, our dunking expert, extraordinaire, high flying guy. Straight from Alabama, right? What do they put in the water down there, man? Cause you are flying everywhere today. Now, we're going to show a windmill right?

Speaker 2: Right.

Speaker 1: Now, the reason they call this a windmill is because it's full extension on your arm and you're bringing the ball all the way around in a full motion, just like a windmill. And that's while you're in the air, jumping. You know what folks, I don't even want to talk anymore, I just want to see this windmill, Mr. 540, I gotta see this, come on! Alright kids, this is what we aspire to do alright. A windmill by Mr. 540, get nasty baby, show us what you got. [dunking sound] Oh my goodness! Doesn't it get you so excited? I mean the blood is pumping through your veins when you see a great slam dunk like that, and that is how you do a great windmill. Mr. 540 bringing it all the way down, one hand cuffing it, flying through the air, kissing the rim. Never faking a funk on a slam dunk, Mr. 540, the windmill.

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