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How to Do a Post Player Basketball Drill

Learn some post player drills from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Q: All right. Swoop, we're going to start with some simple post-player drills.

Swoop: OK.

Q: To help you . . .

Swoop: Yes.

Q: . . . become a better post player.

Swoop: Because the object for me in a post is to score baskets . . .

Q: That's what you want to do.

Swoop: . . . and make good solid moves.

Q: Solid moves, you're solid. We're going to show everybody at home how to do a Mikan drill.

Swoop: Mikan drill.

Q: Perfected by the one and only George Mikan, a great player with the Minneapolis Lakers.

Swoop: I saw him on classic sports.

Q: We want to teach them the Mikan drill.

Swoop: Right.

Q: To learn how to use your right and your left hand.

Swoop: OK.

Q: And then we're gonna do a two-ball pick-up, . . .

Swoop: Yeah.

Q: . . . drop-step move . . .

Swoop: Yeah.

Q: . . . finishing out the rim.

Swoop: Yeah, exploding.

Q: Yeah, we're gonna bring in an expert.

Swoop: OK.

Q: Because we don't want to do that stuff . . .

Swoop: No.

Q: . . . and show people the wrong way.

Swoop: Yes.

Q: We're going to bring in a great post player to show post player . . .

Swoop: . . . moves.

Q: Exactly.

Swoop: The expert.

Q: DP. All right, Swoop, here we go, we're showing you the Mikan drill now.

Swoop: OK.

Q: This is very simple. You want to keep that ball up. You want to use your right hand and your left hand, you want to explode up. You want to play that ball off the backboard, get your own rebound. This is teaching you how to finish up the basket and become a better post player.

DP is going to show us the Mikan drill. Left hand, get your rebound, straight up. Usually when I do this drill, Swoop, I start off and I make 50 lay-ups.

Swoop: OK.

Q: So that's the Mikan drill right there.

Swoop: Yeah.

Q: See that? Nice and easy.

Swoop: Nice.

Q: Now we're going to move on to a two-ball pick-up drill.

Swoop: OK.

Q: This will help you get your cardiac going and this will help you become a better post finisher.

Swoop: OK.

Q: So here, we're going to put these balls down, move it back to the red line. He's a tall guy. So DP is going to pick these balls up, he's going to turn to his outside shoulder and he's going to finish out the rim.

He's going to keep going, road runner is going to rebound and pass it out to us. Here we go. Here's DP, turn. Bam. He's turning, he's drop-stepping at the rim. Every time same thing, turn, drop-stepping at the rim. Turn, and that's how you become a better post player.

As you can see, DP, he's a great athlete, he's very strong. Obviously he's been playing the post for many years, and then you see the foot work to be able to do it over and over. So, like anything else Swoop, you want to have great repetition to become a great post player. Good foot work, great balance, and finish strong at the rim.

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