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How to Do a Passing Drill in Basketball

Learn some passing drills from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Speaker 1: Hey man, I'm trying to work on my game. I told you about this, right, Broadway?
Speaker 2: You are trying to work on your overall game.
Speaker 1: Overall game. How to become a better shooter, better defensive player but now I need to learn how do I become a better passer?
Speaker 2: You need to get some drills to reinforce your passing skills.
Speaker 1: Oh really? Can you show me some drills that I can do that?
Speaker 2: Honestly I can.
Speaker 1: Really!
Speaker 2: But
Speaker 1: What?
Speaker 2: Why we just try to help you when we can bring in the expert?
Speaker 1: The expert. King Arthur.
Speaker 2: Yes. So what we are going to do Swoop is we are going to show the people at home a couple of basketball passes you will say that is just very simple and very easy, that can help you become a better, more accurate passer.
Speaker 1: OK, OK.
Speaker 2: The first thing is a drill where you can practice bounce passing.
Speaker 1: Right.
Speaker 2: So I am going to give King Arthur the ball. You guys come over in this area right here.
Speaker 1: Right.

Speaker 2: And then you are going to bounce pass each other and slide right up the line.

Speaker 1: OK.

Speaker 2: Slide up the line. Bounce passing back and forth, bringing it back, notice your extended arms and you are going sliding your feet and the ball is going half way between the both of you and you can do the same thing chest pass.

Speaker 1: Chest pass.

Speaker 2: You give each other a target. You slide, extend your arms.

Speaker 1: I like this stuff.

Speaker 2: Simple drill.

Speaker 1: It's working man. I'm getting better.

Speaker 2: Yeah. You can now pass already.

Speaker 1: Man.

Speaker 2: Hit me in the target. Bam! You see.

Speaker 1: That's good man.

Speaker 2: You pick things up quickly.

Speaker 1: I am trying my best man.

Speaker 2: Pick that up.

Speaker 1: I got you. You always get me with the tricking somewhere. Yeah so.

Speaker 2: That's how to become a better passer. Easy passing drills with Swooper, King Arthur. Simple drills that you can try...

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