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How to Do a Dribbling Basketball Drill

Learn some dribbling drills from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Speaker 1: All right. Easy dribbling drills. First we want to go over our fundamentals of dribbling.

Speaker 2: That's right. I'm ready.

Speaker 1: You want to keep your head up.

Speaker 2: My head is up.

Speaker 1: You want to keep that ball low.

Speaker 2: Ball's low.

Speaker 1: Keep that ball low. Keep that dribble below your knee. Then once you have those principles, you can go on to easy dribbling drills. You want to give it a shot?

Speaker 2: You know, I don't even know any dribbling drills yet, but how about you show me?

Speaker 1: You know what? How about we have the dribbling expert show you.

Speaker 2: The Roadrunner.

Speaker 1: I'll explain what the Roadrunner's doing while he's doing some of the drills. First Roadrunner's going to start off. See that head's up. Simple right hand dribble right here. This is a right-hand dribble for the Roadrunner. He's keeping his head up. He sees the court. Then he goes from the right-hand dribble back and forth. Back and forth right-hand dribble. Back and forth. You see that?

Speaker 2: I'm watching.

Speaker 1: You can try it with him. Go ahead and try it with him. Back and forth. No, no, no. You hold the ball. Now he's going to a cross-over dribble. Back and forth cross-over. That's an in and out, back and forth cross-over hockey dribble.

Speaker 2: Hockey. Okay.

Speaker 1: There you go. Now you've got it. Now you've got it. Look at you. Look at you. Now we're back to the Roadrunner. He's going to a figure-eight. A figure-eight. You think you can handle that?

Speaker 2: Figure-eight. Okay.

Speaker 1: No, you're figure skating. That's a figure-eight dribble right here. There you go, Roadrunner. See that? Head's still up, still seeing the court. Right to left figure-eight. See that? That's good stuff right there.

Speaker 2: I'm going to have to practice. Two balls.

Speaker 1: This guy's feeling spicy. He's feeling spicy. Two balls. That's called the tandem dribble. Try it with no ball. That would be good for you.

Speaker 2: I could do this one easy.

Speaker 1: Now back and forth. You're having a party now, aren't you? Look at you. You're doing the wop. That's what you're doing. This is alternate. Alternate. This is side of the street parking. There you go. Now look at him. The Roadrunner's fancy now. Look at you.

Roadrunner: I've got some drills, man. Thank you.

Speaker 1: You're welcome. That's the ball-handling drills with the Roadrunner. Still keeping the same principles. We want to keep your head up. You want to see the court. You want to keep that ball low beneath your knee.

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