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How to Do a Crossover Basketball Drill

Learn some crossover drills from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Speaker 1: Crossover dribble.

Speaker 2: See, I'm getting better at this. I got my ball hand, I'm looking. I got this one mastered already. Crossover here, boom, boom, hey! Boom Boom.

Speaker 1: Absolutely not, absolutely not, that's not a crossover dribble. We've got the roll running over here. It's gonna show us the proper way, of how to crossover dribble. First of all, again, stick to the fundamentals. Keep your head up, ball's low with your right hand dribbling. Boom, just like it's explained. Right to left, left to right. Simple. When you get a little bit better at it, you can go back and forth.

This is called the hockey dribble, ball still staying low, head is still up. See that? That was the crossover. Alright Roadrunner, now we want to get a little bit more advanced. You know about advanced stuff, right?

Speaker 2: Of course man, I'm a pro.

Speaker 1: Now you want to step, crossover, make the defense move, and then crossover right in front of them.

Speaker 2: Let's demonstrate that really quick. How about you try to cross me over? I don't think you could do that.

Speaker 1: See that? Cross him over. Hey!

Speaker 2: Almost had that one.

Speaker 1: That was an ankle breaker.

Speaker 2: Almost had it, almost had it.

Speaker 1: What happened?

Speaker 2: I don't know.

Speaker 1: You got crossed over!

Speaker 2: I gotta practice.

Speaker 1: You gotta work on it. Alright, that's the crossover dribble with the Roadrunner. Keep your head up, keep the ball low, exchange dribble right to left and left to right. All while maintaining ball control.

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