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How to Be a Better Passer in Basketball

Learn how to become a better passer from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Dwayne 'Swoop' Simpson: Hey, Broadway.

Eric 'Broadway' Jones: Hey!

Dwayne: I'm having some problems here, alright?

Eric: You're having a lot of problems.

Dwayne: I'm trying because I need your help, man! You are the helper, and I need to be a better ball player man. Now, I don't know what's going on, but every time I'm throwing a ball, I'm hitting people in the knees. I hit somebody in the head the other day. And they don't want me to throw them the ball anymore. I got to figure out how I can become a better passer, man. Can you help me out?

Eric: I can help you out.

Dwayne: Thanks!

Eric: But I brought in some help to help us out.

Dwayne: Really?

Eric: We're going to help the helper.

Dwayne: Who, who?

Eric: The King.

Dwayne: The expert?

Eric: The expert! He's a point guard.

Dwayne: Really?

Eric: He's got to be a good passer.

Dwayne: Okay, okay.

Eric: So when you're looking to become a better passer, there'sa couple of things you want to focus on.

Dwayne: What's that?

Eric: First of all, you got to be able to see the floor.

Dwayne: Oh, Okay.

Eric: What we call court vision.

Dwayne: Vision.

Eric: So he's got the ball. Before he even puts the ball on the floor to dribble it.

Dwayne: Yeah.

Eric: The first thing he wants to do is survey the scene.
Dwayne: Nice.

Eric: Surveillance.

Dwayne: Surveillance.

Eric: Yeah. He's got a camera in his head.

Dwayne: Oh, okay.

Eric: He takes a snap shot of the court...

Dwayne: Really?

Eric: To see where his players are and see where the defense is.

Dwayne: Marvelous. Okay.

Eric: Now that's the first part of being a good passer.

Dwayne: Okay, okay.

Eric: Now, you want to be able to know your personnel.

Dwayne: Right, right, right.

Eric: Know where a guy likes the ball.

Dwayne: Oh. Okay, okay.

Eric: So if you're a big guy,

Dwayne: Yeah.

Eric: don't want it down here.

Dwayne: No, I don't want it there.

Eric: No.

Dwayne: No.

Eric: You might want it up here.

Dwayne: Up here.

Eric: So you've got to be able to hit the target.

Dwayne: I like it.

Eric: A guy like me, I'm a shooter so I might want it in my shooting pocket.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: So he has to be able to hit the players in the target.

Dwayne: Nice.

Eric: And the last thing is, he has to be able to maneuver on the dribble..

Dwayne: Right.

Eric: ...and be able to hit players in stride to get easy baskets for his teammates.

Dwayne: Nice.

Eric: So if I'm on the move, and I want the ball here, I'm going right to the bucket for a layout.

Dwayne: Okay. To be a good passer, basically, you're telling me I've got to hit people in the target that they need to have the ball in.

Eric: Exactly.

Dwayne: Nice!

Eric: So as we wrap it up...

Dwayne: Yes.

Eric: You want to hit people in the target. You want to have great court vision. You want to make sure that you take a snapshot of the court, and you want to make sure that you hit people with the basketball..

Dwayne: Nice.

Eric: ...where they're most comfortable.

Dwayne: Sounds good man. Sounds good. Well, you what, thanks a lot, Broadway.

Eric: Thank you.

Dwayne: Thank you.

Eric: No, thank you. I'm thankful.

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