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How to Become a Better Rebounder in Basketball

Learn how to become a better rebounder from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


Dwayne 'Swoop' Simpson: So now, Broadway.

Eric 'Broadway' Jones: Yeah?

Dwayne: I'm loving this thing were doing here, man. Now you taught me some great stuff. But I really want to know how I become better rebounder. All right? I told you, I'm a little tall, and I don't get any rebounds down there. And I want to figure it out, how can I be a better rebounder.

Eric: Couple of technique we can show you.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: We bought in DP to show you exactly how to become a better rebounder.

Dwayne: Who, the expert?

Eric: Obviously.

Dwayne: Oh, okay.

Eric: See the first thing you want to do, usually when you're guarding a man, you're facing him.

Dwayne: Right.

Eric: So you want to know where this guy is at all times.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: Why? Because you want to make sure he doesn't get the rebound from you.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: So the first thing you want to do ...

Dwayne: Mm-hmm.

Eric: ... you're trying to get the ball.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: You're facing this way.

Dwayne: All right.

Eric: DP's on you. The first thing you want to do is make contact.

Dwayne: Make contact.

Eric: Not you, him.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: He's gonna show you.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: So he's gonna make contact with you.

Dwayne: Oh, me. Okay.

Eric: Yeah. So he knows where you are now.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: Got to get a feel for the guy. You moved over.

Dwayne: Right.

Eric: You moving again.

Dwayne: Okay. You got me.

Eric: Now, you want to turn and do what's called a box out.

Dwayne: Oh, okay.

Eric: The box out is when you move the player back ...

Dwayne: Right.

Eric: ... from getting the ball. So the ball drops here, you can't get it.

Dwayne: But I want to go around him. So he's boxing me out. I can't ...

Eric: He's boxing you out.

Dwayne: I can't ... .

Eric: You can't move. You're locked in. You're in jail.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: You're done.

Dwayne: So he's gonna box me in.

Eric: So I'm gonna put the ball right here, and I want you to try to get it.

Dwayne: Okay. That, oh.

Eric: See that? You're boxed out.

Dwayne: Oh, okay.

Eric: Go get it.

Dwayne: Okay.

Eric: Go get it. You see that? You see you're boxed out.That's what happens. And then he gets the ball. You see that, Swoop? He made contact with you first, boxed you out, go get the basketball.

Dwayne: Positioning.

Eric: Yeah. And then you always want to grab rebounds with two hands.

Dwayne: Two hands, right.

Eric: You want to make sure you grab that ball with two hands. Why?

Dwayne: Securely.

Eric: Because if you have it with one hand somebody could smack it out.

Dwayne: Oh.

Eric: Two hands, harder to get it.

Dwayne: Yeah.

Eric: Makes sense. Doesn't it?

Dwayne: It is, man. You guys are helping me a lot, man.

Eric: Yeah. You're gonna become a better basketball player yet, son.

Dwayne: I hope so. I hope so.

Eric: So those are the keys to rebounding. Make sure you box out first, make contact, grab the ball with two hands. That's how you become a better rebounder.

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