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How to Become a Better Shooter in Basketball

Learn how to become a better shooter from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


A: Alright, Swoop, this is your favorite part of the game.

Swoop: Ah, shootin' the ball, right?

A: Yeah. How to get bucket!

Swoop: Right, you know bro, you know what, I have a different couple ways to shoot the ball, man.

A: Uh-huh.

Swoop: My first way, of course, is the granny shot here, that's the best way to become a good shooter. Or you have the two-hand, one-foot fling. I'm all for...

A: Real good (?) move right there.

Swoop: You like that one right there? I'm workin' on my moves (?) about practice, man.

A: But listen, we're gonna show people the proper way how to shoot the ball.

Swoop: That's not the right way.

A: That's not the right way.

Swoop: The two-foot fling is not gonna do it.

A: No.

Swoop: No, OK.

A: You see your leg right there?

Swoop: Oh, but I was, yeah, that's how you gotta balance.

A: Alright, you look like you're a dancer.

Swoop: Oh, that's dancin' stuff, man.

A: Yeah, you look like a ballerina.

Swoop: You think so?

A: So we're gonna let DP the correct way to shoot the basketball with good form...

Swoop: OK.

A: ...good balance...

Swoop: Alright.

A: ...and good follow through. Beef!

Swoop: Beef!

Both: Balance, eyes, elbow, follow through.

A: There you go.

Swoop: I do that, see?

A: Now, we're over here with the expert, DP. He's gonna show us the basic fundamentals on how to become a better shooter. First you wanna get the ball, you wanna get good hand placement. You wanna form a 'T' with your hands right here, with your two thumbs and this is your guide hand, and this is your shooting hand. So, you wanna have your hands here. You got good leg placement. Good knee bend right here. His right foot is slightly in front of his left for balance.

Swoop: OK.

A: Eyes should be on the front of the rim, get that ball right over the front of the rim. Keep your elbow in, your right elbow here, in this case, 'cause he's right-handed. And you want to get good follow through on the shot. So he's gonna show us a couple repetitions on great technique. Repetition and muscle memory. Here we go. There's DP. Follow through. Bam. Follow through every time.

Swoop: Not bad, not bad.

A: There you go. There he is. Notice the follow through, notice the balance. Every time. Shot's the same every time. And then he just gets shots up there. Every shot, you want it to look the same. You want every shot to look the same. Follow through. Good muscle memory. Follow through. Good muscle memory. Move it back.

Swoop: Oh, move back a little bit.

A: When he moves back the shot still looks the same. It's a natural flow, natural shot. Every one goes in when you use the proper technique. Little toilet bowl action. Face. There you go. Nice. Follow through, all net.

Swoop: All net.

A: This is an expert, Swoop!

Swoop: This expert!

A: This is an expert!

Swoop: Yeah, but what you say...

A: [SS]

Swoop: ...this is not gonna work for me.

A: No, that's not gonna be what we're looking for.

Swoop: That's not gonna work. But I'm working on it.

A: No, no, no, that's not what we're looking for. We're looking for an expert to show us, and then...

Swoop: There it is, OK.

A: Alright, there you go.

Swoop: OK, let's get that thing going, alright!

A: Look at him [SS] go.

Swoop: Oh, alright, OK.

A: Look at him go, look at him go there, Swoop, see that?

Swoop: There it is, there it is.

A: It's all in the pass, too, Swoop. A good pass makes a good shot.

Swoop: So shooting is all about preparation...

A: Yes.

Swoop: ...good form...

A: Yes.

Swoop: ...balance, muscle memory...

A: Yeah.

Swoop: ...repetition.

A: That's a lot of things to remember.

Swoop: Wow, that's a lot.

A: But guess what? If you focus on your shooting technique first...

Swoop: Right.

A: ...then you'll be able to become a better shooter once you do it over and over again. Just to go over some of the key points. You want to have great balance, eyes on the front of the rim, keep your elbow in, and have a nice follow through on the shot. Bam!

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